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VIN 1Z8789S411122

Car Year: 1979
Car's approximate birthday: November 14, 1978
Owner: eBay Motors Seller nfa_kbc
City: Kirkland
State: Washington
Country: United States
Purchase date: Undefined
Status: Current Owner
Nickname: 1Z8789S411122
State: Nice Driver
Exterior: 13 Silver (13.62%)
Interior: 122 Oyster (Leather) (17.31%)
Wheels: Alloy
Delivery Dealer Zone: Unknown
Delivery Dealer Code: Unknown
Options: RPO Option Percentage
Sold [%]
Sales Price
  1YZ87 Base Corvette Sport Coupe (195hp)   10,220.23
  CC1 Removable Glass Roof Panels 26.91% 365.00
  D35 Sport Mirrors 89.60% 45.00
  MX1 Automatic Transmission 77.04% 0.00
  N90 Aluminum Wheels (4) 62.71% 380.00
  U81 Dual Rear Speakers 70.17% 52.00
  Total   0.1928%
(104 Cars)
Factory job nr.: Unknown
Export Car: Non Export Car
Other details: Added to Registry 01/25/2012
Mileage: 101,000 miles
Car history:
Listed here is my very clean 1979 Chevrolet Corvette. This particular car was
purchased from the son of the original owner and has been treated very kindly its
entire life. Although the car is a 1979 it has been fully updated to the specs of a
1982 Vette. Everything was updated including the fuel injected engine, wiring,
ecu, 700r4 transmission, hood, full interior, gauges, badges etc. The swap was
done 100% professionally and has even been inspected by the state of California
and registered as a fuel injected swapped vehicle (very hard to do with California's
strict requirements with motor swaps). Over the last few years there has been a
small fortune invested in the car (I have close to $12,500 in receipts!). The car
looks, runs, shifts and drives great.

Starting with the drivetrain, as explained above everything has been updated to
1982 Corvette spec. This includes the Cross-fire fuel injected engine mated to a 4
speed 700r4 overdrive automatic transmission out back to a 1982 rear end. The
engine is stock with the exception of a mild Edelbrock camshaft kit and dual
Flowmaster exhaust out back. Transmission wise it was rebuilt with updated
internals and a slightly higher than stock torque converter. Also added was a
1982 Corvette hood with the proper ram air setup to take advantage of the open
top air box. The car also has factory AC which has been converted to R134A and
blows incredibly cold.

Interior wise the car received close to $3,500 in parts alone. It looks amazing and
smells like a new car (have to love that fresh leather scent!) This included
everything from new genuine leather seat covers to complete carpet kit to new
window motors, regulators, complete weather stripping kit as well as most trim
and plastic pieces. The interior looks amazing and most people who have seen
the car have a hard time believing the condition considering the car is 33 years
old. Also replaced was the factory clock and in its position is a factory oil
temperate gauge, something I was told was a rare option to have. The car also
has a decent CD player with high end Boston Acoustic speakers all the way around.

Body wise the car is very straight, never appears to have had any significant
damage/ fiberglass repair or anything of the sort. Factory mirror tinted T tops are
in great shape. The car received all new door and top seals which are all still soft
and seal well. The car was professionally repainted in a two-tone silver-
green/green to match the rare 82 silver-green color. I have never had it next to
a factory painted silver-green car so it might not be an exact match. Overall the
paint looks excellent but does have a few flaws. This was not a cheap paint job. It
has great depth and is very flat with minimum orange peel and the pin stripes are
all hand brushed. It's a really attractive paint combination and works very well
with the lines of the car. The most significant flaw are the cracks on the front
bumper (just in the paint, no bumper damage), the section around the passenger
side door handles and some chipping on the lower section of the rear bumper
(pictured). I also noticed the pin stripping on the car is not 100% straight and
uniform, something you don't notice unless you are up close and inspecting the
paint. I would consider the paint to be in daily driver condition, from a few feet
away it looks great but if you inspect it closely you will see some flaws chips etc.
Underneath/ frame wise there is zero rust or anything of that sort as the car has
never been driven anywhere where there is salt on the roads.

The car is riding on factory aluminum wheels which have been custom polished
and look excellent. There are a few marks on the wheels and could use a little
polish to be perfect but look great as they are. I am missing one hub cap but they
are readily available either new or here on eBay. Recently all 4 shocks were
replaced and an alignment was done at the same time. The car also received a
full brake job which included wheel bearings, rotors, calipers and pads both front and rear.

Driving the car there are virtually no rattles, squeaks or anything like that which
you would expect for an older car. The steering is very tight and the car handles
like a go cart, something which really surprised me as most muscle cars handle
horrible. I can honestly say I was very surprised with the power of the car over
other similar Vettes I've driven but what really surprised me is the gas mileage
you get driving the car. With the fuel injected engine mated to the overdrive 4
speed transmission you can easily get 16+ mpgs in the city and low to mid 20's on
the highway, something you would never expect out of a muscle car.

Like every car on the road this car does have a few flaws (although far less flaws
than most 33 year old cars!). The largest are the flaws in the paint mentioned
above as well as one small crack I noticed by the rear window (again pictured
below). The trim piece which goes around the power antennae is missing. The
power door locks are not currently working (although did when I first got the car)
and you have to be careful when closing the drivers side door (the latch does not
always return to its open position, I believe it has something to do with the door
lock). The car takes 3 or so times on turning the key before it starts when cold
(this has developed since the temperatures outside have become cold, once
starting the car seems to run a bit rich and blows some black smoke for 30
seconds or so but then the car runs excellent). I've been told this could have
something to do with a sensor but never had a chance to look into the issue. The
car starts right away when warm. Lastly, the mileage of 101,000 is what I was
told by the son of the original owner. As seen in the pic below of the odometer it
is in a strange position 1/2 way between 2 readings (not sure what happened
there) so I cannot guarantee the exact number of miles on the car.

Below is a quick list of parts and money invested in the car since 2009. Included
with the car is a think folder full of receipts to document the work done.

Interior etc
Leather seat covers $849.95
Cig lighter housing $21.95
Cig lighter $19.95
Retainer Cig lighter $5.75
Parking brake Console $24.00
RH Pillar Molding $35.00
Lamp assy RH Parking $80.00
Heater lens faceplate $19.95
Ashtray $15.00
Sunvisers $99.95
Weather stripping kit $289.95
Adhesive $11.00
Isolator $44.95
Shop supplies $80.00
Floor plan plugs $29.95
Window switch assy $29.95
Console side trim $29.95
2 door CU $189.95
Super trim adhesive $39.90
Carpet kit $355.00
Floor mats $109.95
Sunvisor ends $19.00
Sunviser clips $5.00
Dye Aerosol $19.95
LH window lift $99.95
RH window lift $99.95
LH and RH window motors $76.00
Heater control $169.95
Blower motor switch $19.95
LWR tilt housing $90.00
Trim Plate FWD cnsl $59.95
Boot shift control le $28.00
Lens shifter control $29.95
Actuator pwr door lock $33.00
Rivet dr lock $2.25
Regulator LH window $229.95
Total $3,364.90

Interior Labor
Total $2,334.50

Rear shocks $124.66
Front shocks $130.24
Supplies $25.88
Alignment $85.00
Alternator $149.98
High torque starter $71.98
Flowmaster Muffler kit $359.90
Chrome tips $30.00
Trans rebuild/ upgrade $1,687.63
Radiator $248.27
Cooling system hoses $166.79
AC R134a update $207.95
Fuel filter $16.99
F disk rotors $218.16
F pads $83.72
F calipers $315.22
F bearing seals $54.40
F outer bearing seals $73.12
R disk rotors $216.08
R brake pads $83.75
R calipers $350.70
Catalytic conv. $400.00
Battery $159.95
Total $5,260.37

Mechanical Labor
Total $1,277.92

Parts total $8,625.27
Labor total $3,612.42
Grand total $12,237.69

As you can see there has been a small fortune invested in this car over the last
few years. The totals above are only the larger receipts I went though, there are
still a ton of small purchases which would increase that total. I will continue to add
to this auctions description if I can thing of any other flaws or issues with the car.
Remember the car is 33 years old so it is not perfect but far cleaner than most
older Corvettes I've seen on the road. The majority of my buyers tell me after
the auctions end that the car is in far better condition than I made it sound in the
auction. I try my hardest to honestly describe my cars so I try to mention every
flaw. If you are local to Kirkland Wa 98034 area and want to stop by and see the
car in person feel free to send me an email. I can be available to show most of the time.
For Sale: No

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