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VIN 194678S405174

Car Year: 1968
Car's approximate birthday: November 24, 1967
Owner: Ebay: bajorek
City: Pittsford
State: New York
Country: United States
Purchase date: Undefined
Status: Current Owner
State: Nice Driver
Exterior: 992 Corvette Bronze (11.81%)
Interior: Std Black (Vinyl)
Softtop: Black
Wheels: Unknown
Delivery Dealer Zone: Unknown
Delivery Dealer Code: Unknown
Options: RPO Option Percentage
Sold [%]
Sales Price
  19467 Base Corvette Convertible (BB 435hp) 65.22% 4,320.00
  A01 Soft Ray Tinted Glass, all windows 61.73% 15.80
  A82 Headrests 11.19% 42.15
  C07 Auxiliary Hardtop (for convertible) 30.58% 231.75
  C08 Vinyl Covering (for auxiliary hardtop) 10.68% 52.70
  G81 Positraction Rear Axle, all ratios 94.55% 46.35
  J50 Power Brakes 33.46% 42.15
  K66 Transistor Ignition System 19.10% 73.75
  L71 427ci, 435hp Engine 10.14% 437.10
  M21 4-Speed Manual Transmission, close ratio 43.19% 184.35
  N11 Off Road Exhaust System 16.44% 36.90
  N36 Telescopic Steering Column 22.67% 42.15
  P01 Bright Metal Wheel Cover 31.40% 57.95
  U69 AM-FM Radio 86.15% 182.75
  Total   0.0000%
(1 Cars)
Factory job nr.: Unknown
Export Car: Non Export Car
Car history:
The car is the 68 427/435 roadster, original motor pulled in 1974 because gas was 69 cents a gallon! I have traced history back to second owner, whose name and phone is sold with car. Have tank sheet, originally a copper colored corvette trim tag std (992) 11/1967 build date, tank sticker reads L71 427/435, k66 Ti Ignition, g81 411 posi rear end, m21 tranny, c08 vinyl covering top, c07 aux hard top (gone), u69 am-fm radio (still in car) a01 glass, a82 head rests, j50 brakes, n11 off road exhaust, n36 telscoping wheel, po1 wheel covers, std black top. The valve covers on this motor are a work of art, incredible. Number stamped on motor on cam boss above timing cover is 1019xaa, numbers on back of motor are 14015445 G2p and KO78, 990 heads and 1969 L88 Gm Intake. also have a original L88 gm hood (besides the motion hood on the car) L88 air cleaner base, nice set of big block hooker header side exhaust. Somebody before me spent lots of money on the suspension on this car, new bushing, brakes, exhaust for the 350 motor (new). This is a drivable car the way it sits, runs straight down the road and stops well. My intent was to pull this car down, repaint it the proper copper color, L88 hood, black motion stripe, and build a really nice street mauler out of it with the LS-6 motor and hooker side exhaust. Again, this car has HUGE potential. I have traced ownership on this car back to the second owner and I have his name and phone number. Also have extra door panels (mint 1968 originals) and a set of new seat covers. I have two sets of extra bumpers front and rear and a bunch of other brand new pieces, new doors handles on box, chrome windsheild corners. Also have an extra 1968 427/435 radiator that goes with this package. MAy 15, 2009.
This is an original 427/435 hp TRI POWER Big Block car with the original tank sticker. The car is currently a very nice daily driver with a strong running 350 small block. Odometer and title both reflect 69,369 original miles. (Note: Corvette convertibles with original tank stickers and a numbers matching, stamped 427 date coded block are selling for over $70,000.). (November 1967 build date) (40,5174). Tank Sticker exp date of product 11-00-67. Tank Sticker listed Options:
STD Black Trim, L71 435-HP Turbojet 427 V8, K66 Transistor Ignition System, G81 Positraction Axel 411RA, M21 4-Spd close Ratio Trans, C08 Vinyl Covering, (for auxilary Hard Top), C07 Auxilary Hard Top (for convertible), U69 AM-FM Radio, A01 Soft - Ray tinted glass, A82 Head rests, J5O Power Brakes, N11 Off Road Exhaust System, N36 Telescopic Steering Column, P01 Wheel Covers, STD TP STD Black Top. Note: All option codes are ledigible on the tank sticker.
Below is a list of NEW parts installed on this car:
1.) New Convertible Top
2.) New front and rear suspension and shocks
3.) New Brakes, rotors, wheel cylinders, master cylinder, and brake lines
4.) New dual exhaust system
5.) New Tires
I recently spoke to the previous owner after I listed this auction, he may have a lead on the location of the original matching number engine for this car. I am also trying to compile a list of owner history.
For Sale: No

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