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VIN 194670S401616

Car Year: 1970
Car's approximate birthday: January 23, 1970
Owner: 3) Ebay: vett965
City: Cave Creek
State: Arizona
Country: United States
Purchase date: 01/01/2017
Status: Current Owner
State: Top Flight
Exterior: 984 Daytona Yellow
Interior: 403 Black (Leather)
Softtop: Black
Wheels: Unknown
Delivery Dealer Zone: Unknown
Delivery Dealer Code: Unknown
Options: RPO Option Percentage
Sold [%]
Sales Price
  19467 Base Corvette Convertible (370hp) 38.39% 4,849.00
  C07 Auxiliary Hardtop (for convertible) 14.76% 273.85
  C08 Vinyl Covering (for auxiliary hardtop) 4.80% 63.20
  G81 Optional Rear Axle Ratio 16.53% 12.65
  LT1 350ci, 370hp Engine 7.43% 447.60
  M21 4-Speed Manual Transmission, close ratio 25.31% 0.00
  N37 Tilt-Telescopic Steering Column 33.51% 84.30
  PU9 White Letter Tires, F70x15, nylon 46.11% 33.15
  U69 AM-FM Radio 83.91% 172.75
  UA6 Alarm System 38.85% 31.60
  Total   0.000003424640649%
(1 Cars)
Factory job nr.: A22
Export Car: Non Export Car
Car history:
3) 1970 Corvette LT-1 Convertible. Matching Numbers. The Real Thing. Less than 500 believed to have been produced. P/S, Tilt/Tele, both tops. Older restoration that still looks great. Paint is a 9. Daytona Yellow with black deluxe leather interior. Have photo album and DVD of restoration with pics of all original parts and numbers. Also, have documentation and contact of most owners as well as original owner. Spent most of its life in Florida and Texas. Casting date, vin tag and engine stamp all legible and match. Engine pad stamp can be read easily. Also, have letters to engine rebuilder and transmission rebuilder from owner stating how precise he wanted everything done. BiN $47,000 but reached $37,900 (RnM) on February 13, 2017.
2) Original 1970 Corvette Convertible LT1. Original 1970 LT1 4 speed convertible in original yellow. Includes softtop and hard top.
Sold at Barrett Jackson a few years back as real LT1 and complete frame off L1 restoration. It appears to have all the LT1 trim and an old photo of window sticker (included in ad). We have not verified the dozens of vehicle parts numbers and date codes for an LT1 and encourage serious buyers to do their own inspection. The fact Barret Jackson sold as an LT1 is good enough for owner but you may want to dig deep into date codes and other numbers on car. Do show pic of transmission with numbers and believes it verifies as Muncie Rock Crusher proper transmission
Example features: Near perfect Yellow paint job. gorgeous near flawless, Original 4 speed Muncie transmission shifts flawlessly, LT1 350 engine, Convertible with both softtop and hardtop. Gorgeous black leather interior, Appears all instrumentation and gauges are in nice working order. All detailed look new inside. Heater fan works but heater core has been bypassed. Included pics of serial numbers on 4 speed. believe proper LT1 Muncie 4 speed. Like NEW BFG raised white letter tires with original Corvette wheels in like new shape. Bottom of car near flawless see pics. Could use a simple wash and detail but no corrosion looks like new under car. All electrical work turn signals, lights, interior lights all appear in excellent working order, redone during frame off restoration. Exhaust appears stock. Not noisy exhaust, nice rumble but quiet. Build documentation picture book included in car copies of pics included in linked electronic album to this ad. Mileage stated in ad is what shows on vehicle's odometer actual mileage could be higher or lower as do not have history on vehicle except for it was fully restored about 5 years ago. $33,100 (RnM) on August 14, 2016. BiN $48,999 (ended) on August 23, 2016.
1) NCRS Regional Top Flight. 2 previous owners. Tank sticker, bone stock unmolested except for PS & oil pan.Axle ratio is 4.11. Motor suffix code is V0106CTU. From, on July 11, 2010.
1970 Corvette LT1 Convertible For Sale After eight years of ownership. I've decided to sell my very rare and gorgeous Daytona Yellow/Black Leather 1970 Corvette Roadster with the rare LT1 option. This option included the TI ignition, M-21 Muncie 4 speed, and, of course, the 370HP solid lifter 350CID Holley carbureted engine. The convertible option accounted for about 1/3 of only 1200 LT1 cars made for 1970. The solid lifter 70 LT1 is widely regarded at Chevy's best small block until, arguably, just recently! Current mileage is just short of 74K and believed to be correct. Other options on the car were: Auxiliary Hardtop C07 Tilt/Tele Steering Wheel N37 White Letter Tires PU9 Alarm UA6 AM/FM Radio U69 Performance Axle G81 Documentation: I have a good, but partial history of the car. Especially well documented however, is the 1990 frame on restoration which led to a 1994 Top Flight rating under the tutelage of the man from whom I bought the car. Of course, since I purchased the car in 1999, I have every receipt for all of the work I have done. Though I am a member of NCRS, I have never been interested in showing any of my cars, so this car hasn't been judged under my ownership. I prefer to enjoy them on the road or just keeping them in top condition. The car's tank sticker goes with the car, as does a copy of the original bill of sale, owner's manual, AIM and NCRS judging manual, all receipts, photos of restoration, previous owners list, owner's manual, 1970 shop manual, and 3 or 4 sets of keys. Codes and Numbers: VIN # 194670S401616. is correct for the 70 Vette, built in early January, 1970. The driver's side pillar Body Build Date Code? plate is in an album given to me by the previous owner, and goes with the car. It was removed when the car was repainted. The engine number is also correct: 70S401616 the VO106CTU would indicate it was built on January 6, 1970 and is for 350 cid/370HP LT1 optioned car. All 70 LT1 cars are 4-Speeds. The casting number of 3970010 L139 (L=Dec, 13=Thirteenth day of the month and 9= 1969) is also correct. Right Hand Cylinder Head: casting #3927186 K269RH Left Hand Cylinder Head: casting #3927186 K259LH Carburetor is Holley List #4555 Chevrolet # 3972121 Build 941 (First week of April, 1969) The distributor number 1111491 is correct for the LT1 with TI. Build date is 9L18. Coil number can only read the last 3 digits: 272 (probably is and should be 1115272) Intake manifold #3972110 is correct for an aluminum intake for the LT1. Right-hand exhaust manifold number is correct #3932461. Left-hand exhaust manifold number is correct #3872765. These are correct for the LT1, all of which had the NA9, A.I.R. California emissions system. Transmission # 3857584 POA 13B 70S401616 This is correct, as the VIN number matches the car, and is stamped exactly the same as the engine pad. The P=Muncie, 0=1970, A=January, 13=thirteenth day of the month, and B=close ratio M-21 (2.20:1 first gear). Additional Transmission numbers are: 3925661 Patent #3088336 Radiator is a Harrison copper brass radiator MK9 3018803. This may have been a production anomaly, and the expected number was probably not available when the car was restored. The correct radiator is now available from DeWitt's. Rear Axle/carrier is a 4:11 ratio #AP7 9 65 (Corvette from July 9, ?65), but the rear cover is correct: L 1 9 (Dec. 1, 1969). Volt Regulator is 519 Alternator is 110084 9M17 61A 12VNEG (Correct Dec 17, 1969) Starter #110833 9M16 4 (Correct Dec 16, 1969) Solenoid #1114362 Valve Covers: P-3965543LH and P-3965544RH Horns: 9000245/ Passenger/ Low/ 9M1 (M=December) 9000246/Driver/High/9L1 (L=November) Water Pump is GM 28 3782698 K109 (Dec 10,1969) Fuel Pump is 282F40957. Paint 984 (Daytona Yellow) Black Leather (403) A22 (Jan 22) Seatbelts : C13 52B69 (Hammill) Systems: Engine: Completely rebuilt to the highest standard, December 2001. New stock GM cam with solid lifters. The block surface where it meets the heads, especially on the right, was warped. In order to true the surface, the deck had to be skimmed, but not completely decked. All numbers are still intact, but they are thin and faint in some areas. I'm not an expert on broach marks, so I don't know to what degree they remain. Before and after pictures of the VIN stamp exist. The final compression is 9.35:1. New needle bearing/pilot, flywheel resurfaced as well. Clutch: New Centerforce I clutch installed with engine rebuild. Pedal pressure is light, and the clutch function is undetectable from the original style. Tranny: Also professionally rebuilt when engine rebuilt. Shifts nicely, all synchros are fine, as you'd expect. Correct shifter. Ignition: Alternator and starter rebuilt with engine. All new plug wires at that time as well. TI distributor rebuilt by the great guru of this stuff: Dave Fiedler. All correct ignition shielding present. Battery 18 months ago. One of the cables is NCRS correct, the other has non-spring terminal clamp. Body: Rustfree and excellent frame with very, very nice paint. Excellent chrome. No stress cracks. Soft Top: Very nice, vinyl, but might need some adjustment, as I haven't had it up on the car in years. (Driven only in good weather and washed with the top down!). Rear window clear has a couple of small spots. One extremely small (3mm) superficial nick on top, from sitting in the closed position so long! Spare and Jack: Original spare and original, correct jack. Tires and Wheels: Very nice raised white letter radials. Still with excellent tread, mounted on very nice, correct Rallye wheels and nice trim rings. Brakes: Excellent and I took the trouble to use silicone brake fluid so you?ll never need to bleed them again. Interior: Excellent black leather interior, with nice carpets and compartments. I have the correct original radio, tho an Autosound unit with cassette player has been installed (no damage to interior). New speakers installed 2002. To my knowledge there is only one superficial tear (not through the leather) on the back of the driver's seat. All gauges work well and look very nice, except the clock. (Doesn't work,: None of them do for long!) Other Systems: All fiberoptics work as do all vacuum systems. The wiper door is also stuck, probably from not having been used in several years. I never drive this car in the rain. The last time I tried the wipers, which was 2-3 years ago, they worked fine. All vacuum hoses are correct to my knowledge. All turn and brake lights work well, as does the horn. Correct, rare 5-port wiper motor. Headlights work well. Cooling System: Rebuilt water pump and all new hoses and belts at engine rebuild. Car runs nice and cool, has never overheated. Radiator tested and found to be excellent. This was done before being reinstalled with engine rebuild. Exhaust System: Aluminized, excellent. General: The car starts great, runs strong and fast and tracks very well. Suspension: Has never required any work and looks excellent. No rust, pitting or corrosion. For ease of driving, I added a factory correct power steering unit, which is really great. Because the car didn't come with this option, I had to change the oil pan to accommodate it. The original, correct and undamaged pan goes with the car. Hardtop: Goes with the car and needs work to be equal to the car. I wouldn't put it on the car in its current condition. Hard tops for Corvettes are nice to have, but I haven't used one in so long I can't remember. Fuel: Carburetor rebuilt by expert Craig Woodruff. Smog: All LT1s came with the K19 A.I.R. smog system. All components are present on the car. Known Defects: There is a small, old leak from the steering box. This has been there since I got the car and I?ve just never worried about it. Since the gear is lubed with grease it's really only an annoyance, but a rebuilt box is cheap (about $150 or so). The wipers don't work...probably because I've not used them in 3 years of so, as the car is only driven in nice weather. Summary: This is a very, very nice example of a rare Corvette. I'm not an NCRS expert, but I doubt it would take much to make this car show ready again, and it's road ready now. Tho the car is not perfect, it's pretty damn nice and will not be a disappointment to its new owner. Proteam has two or three of these cars on their website, ranging from $75K-$125K, and they just paid $90K at auction for a 72 (less desirable, less HP) LT-1. At the Mecum Auction in Kissimmee (January 24, 2008) a 70 LT-1 in 3 condition with terrible paint and probably in need of all new mechanicals, and probable water damage, sold for $72,450. Hemmings recently ran two great articles extolling the virtues of these neat cars and quoting prices of $50-100K. My car is probably underpriced as these cars a very rare in convertible dress, and especially in the striking Daytona Yellow paint. (I've only seen one other on the net, or anywhere for that matter.) Tank sticker and documentation. Recent engine and transmission rebuilt. Correct in everyway. 74,000 miles. Needs nothing. For sale by member #24537 @ $ 70,000 on Driveline on January 28, 2008.
For Sale: No

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