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VIN 1Z37W2S505864

Car Year: 1972
Car's approximate birthday: October 27, 1971
Owner: eBay Motors Seller sevenhillscincinnati
City: Cincinnati
State: Ohio
Country: United States
Purchase date: Undefined
Status: Current Owner
Nickname: 1Z37W2S505864
State: Nice Driver
Exterior: 989 War Bonnet Yellow (9.44%)
Interior: 421 Saddle (Leather)
Softtop: Other Color
Wheels: Silver (100.00%)
Delivery Dealer Zone: Unknown
Delivery Dealer Code: Unknown
Options: RPO Option Percentage
Sold [%]
Sales Price
  19437 Base Corvette Sport Coupe (BB 270hp) 75.90% 5,533.00
  ? Custom Interior Trim 32.25% 158.00
  A31 Power Windows 35.16% 85.35
  A85 Custom Shoulder Belts (std with coupe) 78.67% 42.15
  C60 Air Conditioning 62.99% 464.50
  J50 Power Brakes 69.51% 47.40
  LS5 454ci, 270hp Engine (n/a California) 14.49% 294.90
  N40 Power Steering 88.11% 115.90
  P02 Deluxe Wheel Covers 13.31% 63.20
  T60 Heavy Duty Battery (std with LS5) 100.00% 15.80
  U79 AM-FM Radio, stereo 26.62% 283.35
  Total   0.000010463672909%
(1 Cars)
Factory job nr.: Unknown
Export Car: Non Export Car
Other details: Added to Registry 07/31/2012
Mileage: 73,550 miles
Date Code: C27
Car history:
Seven Hills Motorcars is very proud to offer this low mileage numbers matching
1972 LS5 big block Corvette with a 4-Speed and air conditioning that is absolutely
loaded with options. The car looks good, runs great, and is a blast to drive. It
has some of the most sought-after and rare option packages for a 1972 Corvette.
This is an excellent opportunity to own a very desirable Corvette at an unbeatable
value. One could easily buy this car now and sell it for more than the purchase
price with minimal work and effort. The low mileage is supported not only by the
condition of the car, but also the clear Ohio title, pictured below, that states the
mileage as, "Actual."

Besides the big options like the LS5 engine, M20 4-Speed, and C60 air-
conditioning, this Corvette is loaded with other options such as rear window
defroster, power brakes, power steering, P02 wheel covers, and even a stereo
radio. A numbers marching original big block Corvette is always very special.
The big block coupled with a 4-speed transmission is most ideal. The original a/c
is just icing on the cake and especially rare for a big block car. This Corvette gets
a ton of attention going down the road. I cannot even count the number of
compliments I have received while driving this car. Please peruse all of the photos
and numbers below to get a true sense of how original and nice this Corvette really is.

The 1972 Corvette was truly the end of an era. 1972 was the last year to feature
chrome bumpers and and "egg crate" grill, it is considered to be the last year of
truly classic Corvettes. This model year is widely considered to be the best out of
the entire C3 generation. Years after were more at the mercy of insurance
companies, fuel prices, and emission concerns, 1972 is considered the last
true "vintage" Corvette. It was also the last year to feature a pop out rear
window on the coupe, and the first year that the way horsepower ratings are
measured changed from gross to the more accurate net. As in investment, the
1972 will always have an advantage and out perform other years because of its
precedence as the end of a a very great period for Corvette and muscle cars as a whole.

As a side note, this Corvette is not a dealer auction vehicle. Our Corvettes come
from owners who expect their cars to go to someone that will give the vehicle the
same care and attention as they did. We invite and encourage you to examine
the car in person or have the car inspected. Please take the time to scrutinize
each picture. We photograph each vehicle to the greatest extent so you can feel
confident about your purchase. If you have a question about the Corvette, just
give us a call.

The War Bonnet Yellow exterior is in presentable driver condition. As one can see
in the photos the finish has a decent gloss and smooth finish. The chrome bumpers
and other bight work on the car look just in person as they do in the photos.
There are no major flaws that have been intentionally excluded from the photos.
There is some there imperfections, light checking, and touch ups that were too
faint to show up in photos, but nothing that is really stands out from about ten feet
away. The paintjob has some age and blemishes, which is evident in the photos.
I have done my best to accurately and objectively photograph the car and show
the flaws, but some are too small or cannot be picked up by the camera. One
should really view the car in person to get the best and most accurate idea of
what the car really looks like. For the most part however, the car looks in person
as it does in the photos. There is some delamination on the bottom corner of the
windshield that is visible in the photos. The tires are literally brand new with less
than 50 miles on them.

Please note that all of the glass on this car, the windshield, the "Astro Ventilation"
door glass, and even the pop out rear window, is date coded and original as each
piece predate the car's body build date of October 27, 1971 (C27). Original glass
is a good indication that this car has had no major accident history and never
sustained significant damage.

The saddle interior of the Corvette looks marvelous. The seats look virtually brand
new with no rips, splits seams, or signs of wear. They are not worn in the typical
areas such as where the driver gets in and out. The carpet throughout the car is
in "like new" condition as well with no stains, rips, or holes. This includes the rear
carpet, which is often neglected. The dash and console are in great condition with
no cracks, fading, or sun damage. The original jack and jack handle are still with
the car in the rear storage compartment. The door panels are in good shape with
some small cracks on the passenger side, which, as once can seen in the photos,
is not very noticeable. The original pedal pads are not excessively worn, and, as
one can see from the photos, show normal wear for a car with this mileage. This
car has not been smoked in; there is no aroma whatsoever. The original jack and
jack handle are still with the car stowed correctly behind the passenger seat. The
t-top storage bags are also included with the car. Corvette interiors are not
known to wear well and the good condition of this interior is a testament to the
meticulous care this car has received throughout it's life.

This car seems to be in good mechanical condition. According to the previous
owner the engine was recently rebuilt and has seen limited use since. The car
drives terrifically; it is smooth on the road and at highway speeds. There is no
smoke when starting or driving the car. The brakes are responsive and do not
pull to one side or the other. The clutch feels good and the transmission shifts
well. Also, the engine compartment is nicely detailed as one can see in the
photos. This Corvette has plenty of power and is very fast. The horn works as do
the headlights, fan for the heater and a/c, all gauges (with the obvious exception
of the clock), wipers, lights, power windows, and the original stereo radio. The
vacuum system for the headlights and wipers works and operates properly with
both the main switches and vacuum override switches. The old style original
compressor takes a lot of power to spin, but even the air conditioning blows cold.
Like almost all of the C3 Corvettes we deal with, the parking brake is weak. Not
enough can be said as to how much of a pleasure it is to drive this car, especially
with the 4-Speed, extra power and torque from the LS5, and the t-tops out on a
beautiful day.

Overall Condition
Overall, this 1972 Corvette is in great driver condition. It is a great value and we
have priced it to sell. This car turns heads and gets ton of attentions wherever it
goes. Numbers matching is extremely important in Corvette pricing, especially
with big block and other highly optioned cars. In my opinion and based on our
experience the "Chrome Bumper" cars from 1968-1972 are the most collectible in
the entire Corvette market right now. Of those years, the 1969 and 1972 are the
most desirable. The value of these cars has gone up exponentially in recent
years. The "Chrome Bumper" years have not had the detrimental over inflation
that the mid year Corvettes have suffered from. They are all solid investments
for a collector. Cars like this are the Barrett Jackson stars of the future. One
could easily enjoy this vehicle for several years and sell it for more than the
purchase price with minimal effort.

Thank you for looking and please email or call with any questions.

Price: US $25,900.00
eBay Item number: 320955303784

Seven Hills Motorcars, Inc.
9213 Blue Ash Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45242
Contact a representative directly:
Matt: 513.708.1468
For Sale: No

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