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VIN 194679S723887

Car Year: 1969
Car's approximate birthday: July 8, 1969
Owner: 1) Ebay: snlconnelly2003
City: Decatur
State: Illinois
Country: United States
Purchase date: Undefined
Status: Current Owner
State: Project Car
Exterior: 980 Riverside Gold
Interior: Std Black (Vinyl) (39.59%)
Softtop: Black
Wheels: Other Color
Delivery Dealer Zone: Unknown
Delivery Dealer Code: Unknown
Options: RPO Option Percentage
Sold [%]
Sales Price
  19467 Base Corvette Convertible (BB 400hp) 42.91% 4,438.00
  L68 427ci, 400hp Engine 5.35% 326.55
  N37 Tilt-Telescopic Steering Column 26.64% 84.30
  N40 Power Steering 58.99% 105.35
  U69 AM-FM Radio 87.38% 172.75
  Total   0.1248%
(49 Cars)
Factory job nr.: L07
Export Car: Non Export Car
Car history:
1) I have a 1969 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible with a matching number 427 (born with it). It is a 4 speed with tilt and telescope, factory stereo and power steering. The exhaust (the previous owner spent $3800 on) is not factory. It has the three deuces. The block number is T0627LM 19S723887 matching the VIN that ends in 723887. The LM on the block according to the Corvette Black Book is a 427 390HP manual which did not come with three 2 barrels, however the website CORVSPORT which calls themselves The Ultimate Corvette Database shows LM as being a 427 400HP manual which came with three 2 barrels. Below the 4 speed is a plaque also showing 400HP. I am not representing this to be a 100 point Bloomington Gold car. The 70 plus year old man that I bought it from last year told me he replaced the original intake and carb with the tri-power. He owned the car almost 20 years and I have 2 binders where he spent over $80,000 which I will give to whoever buys it. The trim tag shows it as originally Riverside Gold. When the previous owner had it painted every piece of chrome, rubber and weatherstrip was taken off during the paint process, so there is no way to tell is was ever anything but red. Everything works as it should. It looks, runs and drives perfect. If you think you see a flaw, scratch or blem in the pictures it is because of my first time photography because there are none on the car although I suppose if you got on your hands and knees with a magnifying glass you could probably find something because it does get driven once in awhile. I had it in the Chevrolet Museum in Decatur, Illinois and I brought it out last weekend and drove it around our lake. I was going to put it back in the museum, until a friend of mine told me about a few examples on eBay that are not very nice nor have matching numbers bringing silly money which is why I am not putting a reserve on it. I do not want a Barrett Jackson price. I am a realist. Somebody is going to own this fabulous car at a very fair price. It is ready to drive to any show no matter how far and win 1st place. The previous owner drove it to Mid-America's Corvette Funfest in Effingham, Illinois which is one of the biggest Corvette shows in the nation and won the Judges Award for which I have the certificate. I am not a Corvette guru so if you have any questions, they would have to be easy ones. As I stated this I not a 100 point Bloomington Gold car and I don't need to be taught what makes a 1969 corvette 100 factory. The car is located in Decatur, Illinois and you are more than welcome to inspect it. I do not have anything extra for the car except cover, manuals and binders. Hopefully it will be a local pick up however if the buyer needs help with shipping and can walk me through it I will help any way I can. Please do your homework/asking wifey/financing prior to bidding. If that were to happen I will put it back in the museum although possibly you could send me a e-mail through eBay as I will not be relisting. Car won't be moved until I have cash in hand or my bank tells me the money has been wired.
One of the bidders on the car who is very knowledgeable about Corvettes came to my house this morning, Saturday the 17th to inspect the car. Here are a few things he told me. The frame and bird cage are very, very nice. The body gaps are very good which he says is unusual for these cars. The interior was nicer than he thought it would be. In my garage with the florescent lights he noticed some very small blems on the nose which he couldn't see once we backed it outside. He stated the rest of the paint was very deep and gorgeous. One other thing he pointed out was the small screws that hold speedometer in place behind the clear plastic. Mine are perfect, he said a lot of them have rust which is a telltale sign they were not keep in a dry environment.
Have had several inquiries about side pipes. The word stingray and the corvette logo are cut out of the metal side cover. The covers are removable however it keeps legs from being burnt and looks neat. The exhaust pipes are larger than the originals. No longer available on June 19, 2017.
For Sale: No

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