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VIN 194678S405306

Car Year: 1968
Car's approximate birthday: November 25, 1967
Owner: Ebay: jdrforever
City: St Louis
State: Missouri
Country: United States
Purchase date: Undefined
Status: Current Owner
State: Nice Driver
Exterior: Other Color
Interior: Other Color
Softtop: Black
Wheels: Other Color
Delivery Dealer Zone: Unknown
Delivery Dealer Code: Unknown
Options: RPO Option Percentage
Sold [%]
Sales Price
  19467 Base Corvette Convertible (350hp) 65.22% 4,320.00
  A31 Power Windows 24.73% 57.95
  J50 Power Brakes 33.46% 42.15
  L79 327ci, 350hp Engine 33.05% 105.35
  M21 4-Speed Manual Transmission, close ratio 43.19% 184.35
  U69 AM-FM Radio 86.15% 182.75
  Total   0.6637%
(190 Cars)
Factory job nr.: Unknown
Export Car: Non Export Car
Car history:
RUST FREE FRAME! POWER WINDOWS! INSANELY EXPENSIVE BRAND NEW RED LINES WITH LESS THAN 20 MILES! RECEIPT INCLUDED. I will try to give a little insight as to why this particular 1968 Roadster is special to me. Some time ago a good friend of mine called me raving about a classic Corvette that he wished he had the money to buy. It seemed that he was pretty excited about a certain Corvette that a particular gentleman was contemplating selling. This individual purchased the car from the original owner in 1993. The original owner bought the car new 23 years prior in 1968. At any rate the potential seller loved the car but, was considering the possibility of letting it go to help fund his sons college tuition. Just speaking about the possibility of selling the car intrigued my friend greatly. However as fate had it my friend couldn't come up with the cash to make a legitimate offer. He in turn contacted me & I reached out to the gentleman with the car.
After conversing I ventured out to see just what all the fuss was about. To my surprise I found this extremely nice 1968 Corvette that basically had been stored & not driven for several years. The car had actually been kept in a climate controlled garage. Throughout our conversation I could tell just how much he loved the car. The vehicle even had its own special Corvette logo carpeted floor mat! Although most consider me a bit of a harsh critic & a perfectionist I quickly found myself absolutely loving this vehicle. This love came not just for what the car was but also what it wasn't! The car was originally sold in Arizona so it was totally rust free including frame & bird cage! The body panels were also uniform to the car & the paint was simply stunning! The vehicle is still fashioned in the exact same condition today! It has only been painted once outside of the original factory covering. The second time that the task was undertaken to paint it was in 2013. The second owner stated that the vehicle was completely disassembled painted & then reconstructed. All of the work was performed by Classic Gold Customs in Mesa AZ! The total invoice stood at approximately $9,200 at the time of completion. Some would assert that the amount charged was a bargain when considering the finish product! By all accounts the work was definitely done with passion & professionalism! This Corvette has an extremely nice Raven Black finish that garners attention every time it leaves the garage! The satin black exterior has a mirror like finish that you can see yourself in! The paint is smooth to the touch & must be seen to truly be appreciated! You will find it common place to have complete strangers taking pictures of the car with their cell phone!!! You simply can't make it a city block without someone pulling up along side you giving you the ole thumbs up. Compliments constantly abound! The paint maintains a high gloss shine at any given time of day! There is really no damage to speak of. You will be hard pressed to even find a nick or scratch on the body of the car! This very vehicle was taken to Just Corvettes in St. Louis Mo. (world renown) for routine maintenance not long ago. At the time of service it was praised for its overall condition & body! I am sure that the new potential owner will be more than happy with this particular Corvette! Anyway this vehicle had its bumpers restored & chrome finished when it left the paint shop. Triangle Plating did the dirty work & the bumpers were brought back to life to the tune of some $1150.00! The all of the surrounding chrome on the car is in excellent condition! There are no rips, stains or damage to either bucket. The carpet in this wonderful Corvette is also in like new condition. The carpet throughout the entire vehicle was recently replaced (front, rear and cargo)! Every stitch of the interior has been either restored or replaced. The matte black door panels have also been restored to their original condition. They were sent off to Palacios Upholstery to be totally refurbished. Both panels look great & have new door locks, retainer clips & handles installed on them. Keeping with the interior theme you can expect to find an extremely nice dash nestled inside. This dash pad is also in superior condition! This Corvette also still has the factory radio in place. It however it gave up the ghost several years ago. Another nice option regarding this Corvette is the optional power windows. Fun car to drive with modern creature comforts! The cockpit is also nice & quiet thanks in part to the sound deadener material that was inside before the carpet was laid. Every detail regarding this cars interior has been addressed. All & all I think that this vehicle is well rounded from bumper to bumper! I would also like to mention that this roadster has an absolutely perfect canvas top! This Corvette has just had a spank brand new high quality convertible top installed (very short time ago)! The top was installed at North Side Auto Upholstery in the Mid West! The quality appearance & fit is above reproach! This vehicle came equipped with a 327 engine block from the factory. That being said, the original block was replaced with a 1969 Corvette 350/350 horse engine! The motor in the car has been meticulously maintained and it is in stellar condition!
Preventative & routine maintenance has been aggressively addressed! This beauty RUNS STRONG. This Bow Tie has new plugs, wires, thermostat, water pump, HEI distributor, fuel pump & just too much more to list! The car is extremely user friendly. It starts with little to no effort! It is truly a pleasure to drive. We recently took the car out to join in on a Corvette cruise here in the Midwest! This beauty performed like a champ during the 80 mile excursion and simultaneously won the respect & praise of almost everyone. The rebuilt engine block is putting out approximately 350 horse power! Putting that power to the pavement is made simple thanks in part to the original bullet proof four speed transmission! The engine & transmission were rebuilt a couple of years ago by Matt Johnson performance! The vehicle has plenty of power & torque shifts incredibly smooth! The clutch, pressure plate & throw out bearing were also replaced before the transmission was installed after the rebuild. All of the hard work has been done! All the new owner has to do is get in and start enjoying their new toy. This vintage roadster gets gold stars in several departments! Nothing was really overlooked concerning this car! Excellence was what we had in mind regarding this cars overall condition. The entire suspension was restored as well! There seems to be quite a large contingent of Corvette enthusiast who will go the extra mile when restoring a classic Corvette. However one of the most important aspects of the restoration process that seems to be neglected (whether intentional or unintentional) is the restoration of the suspension. Failure to give proper attention in this department can not only result in poor handling of the vehicle it can cause a myriad of other issues! The good news here is that this Corvettes suspension has been fully restored! Many if not all of the front end components has been replaced with quality reproductions parts! The vehicle tracks wonderfully down the road. The car also corners very well thanks in part to new rear leaf springs! The leaf springs were ordered from Corvette America. The particular springs that were ordered are of superior quality & are preferred by most Corvette enthusiast (Bloomington Gold Standard)! Driving this one is more than enjoyable! There has been a plethora of semi related suspension parts replaced as well! October 5, 2015.
For Sale: No

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