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VIN 1Z37L6S441385

Car Year: 1976
Car's approximate birthday: July 7, 1976
Owner: eBay Motors Seller
City: Livonia
State: Michigan
Country: United States
Purchase date: Undefined
Status: Current Owner
Nickname: 1Z37L6S441385
State: Nice Driver
Exterior: 64 Buckskin (6.34%)
Interior: 692 Dark Brown (Leather) (13.28%)
Wheels: Silver (100.00%)
Delivery Dealer Zone: Unknown
Delivery Dealer Code: Unknown
Options: RPO Option Percentage
Sold [%]
Sales Price
  1YZ37 Base Corvette Sport Coupe (180hp)   7,604.85
  A31 Power Windows 83.12% 107.00
  J50 Power Brakes   59.00
  M40 Turbo Hydra-Matic Automatic Transmission 78.67% 0.00
  N41 Power Steering 99.63% 151.00
  U58 AM-FM Radio, stereo 73.61% 281.00
  Total   0.4041%
(189 Cars)
Factory job nr.: Unknown
Export Car: Non Export Car
Car history:
Mileage: 2,818 miles

This '76 Vette we are offering is truly a time machine, one test drive and you will
feel like you have been thrust back in time. The odometer currently reads 2,818
miles. Although we have no paperwork to confirm the mileage, there are many
signs that it may be accurate. The car runs, drives, shifts and stops like new - no
strange rattles, squeaks or noises. The original Safety Flo-Lite windshield looks
like new with NO rocks, chips or other signs of road rash from 102k miles. There
are NO signs of excessive wear on the interior including the brake / gas pedals,
steering wheel, seats, controls etc. The hoses and original air cleaner are all still
wearing the factory GM labels and part numbers. Last but not least, the car seems
to wearing it's original tires. The Goodyear Custom Steelgard GR-70 15's have
DOT date codes ending 166, indicating that the tires were produced during the
16th week of a year ending 6 (1976.)

We were able to locate and contact a previous owner who was able to provide us
with the life story of the Corvette. In 1976, a local builder purchased some land
with a large barn. The builder was approached by a man who wanted to store a
vehicle for a short period of time. The man paid the builder 6 months rent upfront,
left the Corvette in the barn and never returned. The car had 280 miles on the
odometer and still had the temp tag from Dexter Chevrolet still in the rear window.
Approximately 20 years later, the builder looked into assuming ownership of the
car. He had his attorney look up the VIN and he discovered that the car was
purchased with a bad check. The builder's attorney then contacted the insurance
company that paid off on the loss to Dexter Chevrolet. The company had written
off the loss years prior and signed off their claim on the vehicle citing back storage
fees to the builder. The builder then obtained a bond to title / plate the Corvette in
Michigan. We have a repair order from a local repair facility that lists the mileage
at 406 in November of 1996. The builder later sold the car to a third party. We
obtained the car at a local auction from the last owner's conservator. We are currently
in the process of attempting to obtain paperwork that proves the mileage is correct.
We challenge any Corvette oficionado / collector to prove that it is inaccurate.

The car appears to of had minor paint work in the past. There are some flaws
visible but the overall presentation looks great. There are scratches visible on the
front bumper in the center and lower passenger side as well as a small gouge on
the rear bumper -see photos. The door jambs were not painted - all original lables
are present including the Unleaded Fuel Only sticker near the fuel filler. All rubber
insulation is in great condition. The headlamps operate flawlessly and all lights work.
The lenses are in excellent condition. Correct rally wheels with beautiful center
caps / trim rings and possible original tires.

The interior of the Vette is in like-new condition. The white door panels and seats
accent the brown carpeting and dashboard beautifully. The white leather seats /
dash have no signs of wear or cracking. The guages, power windows, locks, wipers,
heater, radio, factory alarm all work great. The only thing currently not working is
the clock. The only thing that we would consider to be a blemish on the interior; is
an area of faded carpeting on the passenger side foot well area. The carpet could
easily be re-dyed. The storage area behind the seats looks like it has never been
used, all three compartment doors are present as well as original T-Top covers
and jack instructions label. The original owner's manual, maintenance schedule,
consumer info / battery pamphlet are all included.

The engine compartment has not been restored, just cleaned. As I mentioned
before, all GM factory labels are present as well as the factory air cleaner. The air
filter / carb look like new. The valve covers have some areas of paint flaked off
but appear original. No signs of significant leaking. The underside of the car shows
no signs of rust in the frame. The oil / transmission pans look original. There are
some areas of fluid seepage from extended storage. The spare tire is present.

This car truly is one of a kind, it is a must have for a any serious Corvette collector
or museum. Where else are you going to find a like-new 1976 Chevrolet Corvette
with under 3,000 original miles?
For Sale: No

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