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VIN 194679S705546

Car Year: 1969
Car's approximate birthday: October 24, 1968
Owner: No Present Owner
State: Project Car
Exterior: 984 Daytona Yellow
Interior: 420 Saddle (Vinyl) (7.63%)
Softtop: White
Wheels: Other Color
Delivery Dealer Zone: Unknown
Delivery Dealer Code: Unknown
Options: RPO Option Percentage
Sold [%]
Sales Price
  19467 Base Corvette Convertible (300hp) 42.91% 4,438.00
  A82 Headrests   17.95
  M20 4-Speed Manual Transmission 42.59% 184.80
  N40 Power Steering 58.99% 105.35
  U69 AM-FM Radio 87.38% 172.75
  Total   0.7184%
(279 Cars)
Factory job nr.: C23
Export Car: Non Export Car
Car history:
Original 1969 Corvette Convertible. It is a numbers matching, original base 350/300hp car, with a M20 4 speed manual transmission. The color is Daytona Yellow with Saddle interior and a white convertible top. Other options include power steering, headrests, and AM/FM. Its had the same owner since 1981, and I believe the current mileage of 86,055 to be accurate. The car was originally sold new at Rapids Chevrolet in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. In addtion to part of the vin, the engine stamp also reads VIOI8HY. HY designating it as indeed a 350/300hp, with 4 speed manual. The casting number on the block is 3932386. The trim tag indicates the trim code to be 420, which corresponds to Saddle Vinyl, and the paint code is 984 which corresponds to Daytona Yellow. As you can see in the photos the car also has orange stripes painted on it as well. The tank sticker/build sheet indicates a Special Paint, and Special Trim which refers to the Yellow/Saddle combination which was a special ordered combination since the only normal production color interior offered with yellow was black. Overall the car is primarily in original condition. The only items that have had some sort of work performed in the last number of years are the brakes, the exhaust has been replaced, and the leaf spring has been changed. Also, the seats have been changed from vinyl to cloth. The wheels were changed at some point to the aluminum finned wheels... I do not have the original rallys.
The body fits very nice. All the gaps in the doors, hood, and decklid all look great. There is no evidence of heavy collisions, or major structure work to the fiberglass. The body has been repainted. The door jambs and more hidden areas still appear to show the original paint, while the outside of the car has been re-sprayed at some point prior to 1981. Bumpers, moldings, and grilles all are in overall good condition and everything fits nice and straight. The convertible top material is going to need replacement. As you can see the rear window is torn and faded, and the material itself isn't in the greatest condition.
Mechanically, it starts right up and you can drive it away. It shows good oil pressure, and the temperature runs at a normal range. All gauges work, except for the clock. The wipers currently do not work, and at the moment I can't tell you why because it hasn't been looked into, and the car gets driven on dry sunny days anyhow, so it was not a big priority to address them. The suspension is mostly original but intact. I can't say that it's perfect, but there are no immediate problems with anything suspension or drivetrain related.
Other than being rusty cosmetically, the frame appears solid all the way around. There is more signs of more rust in the typical areas like frame corners just in front of the rear wheels, but they're not deteriorated by any means. The windshield frame does have visible areas of rust, especially on the uprights, and on the upper header portion as well.
The interior is primarily original as well, other than the addition of some free lying speakers in the rear, and the seats having been changed to cloth. Overall the dash, windshield frame interior moldings, console, and door panels all are in very good condition. The only item that doesn't look too great is the carpeting. Its intact, but quite worn out in many places.
As you can see, the car does come with its original build sheet/tank sticker. It also comes with the owners manual and a huge stack of mostly general maintenance receipts dating a number of years back. The build sheet shows it originally had a hard top, but its no longer with the car unfortunately. This would be a great car for someone looking for a nice, primarily unmolested original Corvette that they could freshen up a bit and make it a nice driver, or it would also be a great restoration project if one would desire. Sold for $15,500 on September 22, 2016. For sale again ($12,700 (RnM)) on October 9, 2016. Sold for $15,000 on November 20, 2016.
For Sale: No

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