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VIN 1Z8748S433162

Car Year: 1978
Car's approximate birthday: July 2, 1978
Owner: eBay Motors wrngler36
City: Anderson
State: California
Country: United States
Purchase date: Undefined
Status: Current Owner
Nickname: 1Z8748S433162
State: Nice Driver
Exterior: 10 Classic White (8.87%)
Interior: 69C Dark Brown (Cloth) (1.21%)
Wheels: Silver (53.43%)
Delivery Dealer Zone: Unknown
Delivery Dealer Code: Unknown
Options: RPO Option Percentage
Sold [%]
Sales Price
  1YZ87 Base Corvette Sport Coupe (185hp) 86.10% 9,351.89
  A31 Power Windows 78.95% 130.00
  L82 350ci, 220hp Engine 27.23% 525.00
  N37 Tilt-Telescopic Steering Column 80.93% 175.00
  U75 Power Antenna 49.32% 49.00
  Total   0.0042%
(2 Cars)
Factory job nr.: Unknown
Export Car: Non Export Car
Other details: Mileage: 98,592 on odometer
Trim Tag: 69C Dark Brown Cloth, 10L Classic White
Body Date Code: J30 (06/30/1978)
Car history:
Posted 07/13/2019
This is a 1978 Chevrolet Corvette 25th Anniversary with the L-82 Engine and 4
Speed Manual Transmission. It is like a time capsule from 1978. Everything is
stock except for some components I replaced to make it road worthy. I bought
this car from a guy that owned a pool company and was owed a bunch of money
from a customer. He took it in trade for the debt and literally never drove it. He
would start it once in awhile. I had been going to his place for years and the
Vette had been sitting inside his climate controlled shop with his other cars and
his personal helicopter. At this point the Vette had sat for at least eight years
and the battery was long dead so I did not see it ever run. I bought it from him
and put gas in it and a battery and drove it up on the car hauler. I was surprised
as I figured the fuel pump would go out immediately. It did, as soon as I backed
it off the trailer and tried to pull it in my shop. New fuel pump and it fired right
back up and stayed running. So I immediately put a new master brake cylinder
on it since the brakes were soft. All new power steering system since it was
leaking something terrible. I noticed it also had a new radiator replacement.
The fuel gauge sending unit was replaced and the fuel gauge now works. The
old tires had major flat spots since they had sat so long. I put on all new Cooper
Cobra Radial tires on the original factory stock rims. I also put in a new center
console with A/C Heater control switch. The car runs great and has a current
Calif. Smog Certificate (not my choice for sure). In order to get it to meet smog,
the fuel tank was dropped to replace old vent lines. Also other vacuum lines
were replaced and new PCV installed. Since it was able to pass smog is a good
indication the engine is still strong and not wore out. It drives straight and true
and the previous owner had the car professionally aligned by a GM specialty
company that know these cars well. I don't know exactly what the gearing ratios
are in the transmission and rear end, but the car does 3100 RPMs at 70 MPH.
So considering this car is mostly stock and 40 years old, I would say it's in pretty
good shape. It's defiantly an everyday driver. It needs a new arm rest and inside
panel on the drivers side, new weather stripping kit, carpet kit, the upholstery
is a little thin and the drivers seat has a small 2 inch tear where the corduroy is
sewn to the leather trim, the right turn signal indicator dash light is burnt out,
but works, the clock doesn't work, the A/C doesn't work, but it's all there and
probably just needs a charge, The four speed transmission has the reverse lock-
out. I put a new power window motor in the driver side and it works great now.
The arm rest needs replacing or repaired, but I have not done it yet since I was
going to replace the entire panel with new armrest. I have the old one. The door
panel is held on by a couple of screws since I was going to replace it soon.

Overall I truly feel confident in saying this is a mechanically sound car. I know
things will pop up in anything that is 40 years old and not saying this car is
perfect by any means. It is mostly in need of cosmetic upgrades. The paint job
that is on it is terrible, but buffs out fairly nice. The fiberglass is all intact and
in good condition. There is a crack in the paint on the lower drivers side where
it appears someone opened the door and hit a curb. My personal plans were to
keep this car period correct. There is a bill in Calif. that would move the required
smog year to 1994. If it passed, I was going to change the carburetor, cam and
put headers on it leaving it correct for the era. There is a Blaupunkt cassette
player that needs a code to unlock it which I don't have. The driver side door
detent spring is missing, but I have new/used door hinges if you would want to
replace them. Don't get me wrong, both door hinges are tight and close easily.
There are also the mounts for louvers on the back window. Also the glass on
the car is perfect. No bullseyes, cracks or damage to any of them.

I am selling this car to pay college tuition for my daughter. I hate to let it go,
but hey priorities. Title is clear and in hand and ready to sign over.
For Sale: No

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