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VIN 194678S402032

Car Year: 1968
Car's approximate birthday: October 14, 1967
Owner: 3) Ebay: madurarestoration
City: Warren
State: New Jersey
Country: United States
Purchase date: 08/01/2017
Status: Current Owner
State: Under Restoration
Exterior: 984 Safari Yellow (10.97%)
Interior: Std Black (Vinyl)
Softtop: Other Color
Wheels: Other Color
Delivery Dealer Zone: Unknown
Delivery Dealer Code: Unknown
Options: RPO Option Percentage
Sold [%]
Sales Price
  19467 Base Corvette Convertible (BB 390hp) 65.22% 4,320.00
  L36 427ci, 390hp Engine 27.01% 200.15
  M20 4-Speed Manual Transmission 37.67% 184.35
  Total   0.000002069445833%
(1 Cars)
Factory job nr.: Unknown
Export Car: Non Export Car
Car history:
3) 1968 Corvette for sale. This is an early production convertible (402,032- which is the 2,032 Corvette off the assembly line). Safari Yellow paint code as seen by certain pictures above (984). Black Standard interior color (STD). Rear differential is an AO 68 dated rear which translates to a 370. Brakes and dust shields were new but again showing surface rust from exposure. Intentions have always been to restore this car to a non-NCRS caliber ride that could be driven and not trailered. But with three kids there just isn't the time right now. I have gathered parts, but there is still quite a lot to be found. No engine or transmission in this sale, but it would have been a 327 with manual trans. The rolling chassis was restored prior to me taking ownership of it. The frame has been blasted and coated. The front and rear suspension has been replaced, but showing signs of surface rust on bare metal pieces as seen in the pictures. The body bushing mounts still need adjustment, as does the rear suspension. New mono-spring replaced the original leaf set up.
You can see in the pictures I photographed as much as I could. The only picture I did not take was of the spare tire tub which is included in the sale. New gas tank and all necessary hardware is labeled and included. New lines are along the frame and need to be tightened down. New front valance is pictured along with bumpers (front and rear). Rear tail light panel included with reverse lights and harness. Extra door handles and side marker lights complete the body and small block hood has refinished hinges attached. I do not have the front grills or bumperettes for it but do have front and rear license plate bezels and brackets. Front end bumper brackets seem all to be there but was not taking the time to set that up, as the body mounts need to be adjusted first. Headlights are complete with exception of one headlight which I believe I have laying in the garage. Front driver side fender is cracked up near gills, but I do have a GM press molded fender section if one wanted to bond it.
Interior: Seats need to be restored as seen. I have some seat belt parts. Shifter console is included as is door panels that are driver quality. I have the handles and knobs. Needed would be kick panels, carpet, e-brake console, and seat backs. I have an original 68' Speed-alert speedometer that can be purchased separately if you want. What else can I say about the car? If you want NCRS restoration, then I would replace the surround and driver side fender. I have the title for the car and it is clean. Hope the winning bidder can get this back on the road in the future. Sold for $6,000 on December 14, 2017.
2) GENERAL BACKGROUND: I bought this car several years ago as a parts car/possible restoration. Frame, suspension, brakes, wheels had been refurbished but the Body needed a lot of work. At the time I was not certain if I would restore this car or use it as a parts car. I started repairing the body partially to see how hard it was to repair fiberglass, to evaluate if a restoration was viable and if I was willing to put in the required effort. I got side tracked by work and other projects and the car has sat for 5 to 6 years. While I believe the car is repairable I also realized would require more effort than I was willing to spend. I found another car that required much less effort and have decided to put this car up for auction. I believe this was originally a Big Block Car because the openings in the frame are 3,5 in diameter. I do not have the build sheet so this cannot be confirmed. The original color was yellow. It is a manual shift car. When I bought the car the seller provided me a title in the previous owners name. It is signed but has been incorrectly filled out on the back side. I never looked into getting a replacement title as I would not need one for a parts car.
I debated on parting the car out but hated to do that as I think it is a good project car.
DESCRIPTION FRAME: Openings in the frame for the exhaust are 3,5 inches in diameter. Frame has been sandblasted and reportedly Powder Coated by the previous owner. Powder coat appears thin in spots and there is evidence of rust bloom. The frame is very solid with no rusted through areas.
GAS TANK: Auction includes new aftermarket Gas Tank. The gas tank support is in very good condition and has been painted/powder coated. The gas tank straps are not included not is the sending unit, overflow collar, or filler neck.
BRAKES: The previous owner rebuilt the calipers, installed new pads and rotors. The brake lines and hoses have also been replaced.
RALLEY WHEELS: The wheels have been powder coated. The color is more chrome looking than OEM and has some rust bloom showing. I would sand and paint the proper color. Trim rings and center caps are not included. Each wheel has only 2 or 3 lug nuts. Additional nuts will be required.
BODY: NOSE: Narrow sections in front of headlights have been broken out and repaired but need to be finished. Lower valence is damaged and center two thirds is missing. Replacement panel will need to be purchased and installed. Steel reinforcement on underside, above headlights, has come loose on the left side. Several of the aluminum rivets that holds the steel channel to the bonding strip have pulled through the metal.
LEFT FRONT FENDER: Couple of cracks around the wheel well. Repairs are started but need to be finished. Lower rear of the fender is broken out around the fender gills. A new replacement panel is included in the auction. Some damage near where the bumper connects. Again repairs have been started but need finishing. Cracked on top of the fender to the front of the hood opening. Repair has been started but needs to be finished.
RIGHT FRONT FENDER: For the most part the same repairs as for the left side except:
1. The repairs have not been started
2. The bottom rear of the fender is not damaged
3. A small/moderate size piece of the fender is missing near the bumper and there is a lateral crack as well
LEFT DOOR: Very solid. No damage to the fiberglass or rust penetration of the metal frame. It is the proper door that is unique for 1968.
RIGHT DOOR: Very solid. No damage to the fiberglass or rust penetration of the metal frame. It is the proper door that is unique for 1968.
LEFT QUARTER PANEL: Some repairable damage around wheel opening and on bottom behind rear wheel opening.
RIGHT QUARTER PANEL: Some repairable damage around wheel opening and on bottom behind rear wheel opening.
REAR DECK/TAIL PANEL: A section was broken out at the antennae which has been repaired but needs to be finished. The spoiler lip on the right side is damaged. Again repairs started but needs to be finished. The tail panel has damage but is repairable. See photos
HOOD: The hood is a standard hood not a big block. I do not believe it is original to the car as it appears to be a different color. Hood is very good.
CONV. TOP LID: Good condition. Opens and closes easily. Includes all hardware.
FLOOR: Good condition except where the drivers floor meets the rocker panel. There is a break along the bend line. See photos.
HEADLIGHT BUCKETS: Both sides are included. One side is assembled and the other side appears to have been disassembled in preparation to rebuild the unit. All the pieces appear to be there including the connecting bolts. Nothing appears to be broke. One headlight bulb is missing.
BIRD CAGE: Appears to be solid. Not quite sure what areas to check.
WINDSHIELD: Very good. No scratches or nicks
LEFT DOOR GLASS: Good Raises and lowers easily.
RIGHT DOOR GLASS: Good, Raises and lowers easily. Lower Rear Valence: Good. Has been repaired before and needs additional work but is decent.
BUCKET SEATS: Seat tracks are included. Upholstery fair to poor. One seat back is missing the panel at the back. Good Cores.
DASH PAD: Very nice. No cracks
CONSOLE: Shift plate, parking brake handle and mechanism are there but rest of console is not. Shift plate is pitted.
TRIM: WINDSHIELD: Stainless Steel. Trim is very nice. No dings or heavy scratches but could use a good polishing. Chrome pieces on top at ends have some blistering.
FRONT BUMPER: Not included.
LEFT and RIGHT REAR BUMPERs: Included. Some light rust/pitting. Could be used for a driver but really needs plating.
TAILIGHTS: 2 of the bases. All 4 of the lens are missing.
DRIVE SHAFT: Sand blasted and powder coated silver, some pitting.
MISSING ITEMS INCLUDE (BUT MAY NOT BE LIMITED TO): Engine, Transmission, Bell Housing, Radiator, Exhaust System, Front and Rear Bumpers, Lower Front Valence, Grill, Front Side Marker Lights (Left and Right), Trim on top of fenders at base of windshield, Panels at Rocker Panel that covers frame, Antennae, Tail light lenses, Rear License Plate Trim, Gas Cap Door and Trim, Console, Wheel trim rings and center caps, Door Panels.
The car is stored near Allentown Pa. and is available for inspection. I have many photos. This is obviously a project car. No warranties are made or implied. Sold for $4,500 on October 4, 2016. No bid at starting $3,000 on July 8, 2017.
1) 1968 convertible corvette, bb 427/ 4speed pos rear end. i find myself will not time and limit funds to complete this car. the body was removed to start a frame off restoration, the frame and all other metal parts was sand blasted and power coated (black satan finest) i'm talking about upper and lower A arms half shafts drive shaft sway bars fwd and rear, calipers brackets. everthing new! ball joints, bushing, shocks, brake lines, brake calipers, half shafts u joints new front suspenion spring, rear leaf spring fiberglass, new gas lines and tank with straps. car comes with soft top bumpers front and rear, spare tire covers head light assy hood seats . i have 1978 bb 454 motor 70 complete, heads and block machine work done, a 1968 corvette 4 speed muncie m22 trans not 3 matching, but is from a vette. Color from the owner. July 5, 2008.
For Sale: No

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