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VIN 194370S414036

Car Year: 1970
Car's approximate birthday: July 2, 1970
Owner: Jim Livigny Ebay: lavig9
City: Monroe
State: Louisiana
Country: United States
Car website
Purchase date: Undefined
Status: Current Owner
State: Top Flight
Exterior: 986 Cortez Silver
Interior: 400 Black (Vinyl)
Softtop: Other Color
Wheels: Other Color
Delivery Dealer Zone: Unknown
Delivery Dealer Code: Unknown
Options: RPO Option Percentage
Sold [%]
Sales Price
  19437 Base Corvette Sport Coupe (BB 390hp) 61.61% 5,192.00
  A31 Power Windows 27.80% 63.20
  A85 Custom Shoulder Belts (std with coupe)   42.15
  C60 Air Conditioning 38.46% 447.65
  J50 Power Brakes 51.88% 47.40
  LS5 454ci, 390hp Engine 25.83% 289.65
  M21 4-Speed Manual Transmission, close ratio 25.31% 0.00
  N37 Tilt-Telescopic Steering Column 33.51% 84.30
  N40 Power Steering 68.76% 105.35
  PT7 White Stripe Tires, F70x15, nylon 38.05% 31.30
  U69 AM-FM Radio 83.91% 172.75
  Total   0.0164%
(3 Cars)
Factory job nr.: Unknown
Export Car: Non Export Car
Car history:
1970 Corvette Stingray Coupe - 37,500 original miles. All original, un-restored, numbers matching 1970 Cortez Silver Corvette Stingray with Big Block 454 and 4 speed. The car has spent its entire life pampered, stored, covered and maintained as the prize possession that it is. I have numerous photos of the car and video as well, but it's true beauty can only be seen in person. The car is 38 years old, it is remarkable how well the car has been preserved and how well it operates mechanically. Everything works.even the clock runs (does not keep correct time).
I purchased the car locally from a local NCRS judge in 2007. This car has had only two owners from 1970 to 2006. I have been in contact with the previous longtime owners. I have taken numerous historical notes regarding the ownership history.
The car has never been presented for judging in an official NCRS judging event. Therefore, the new owner is free to enter any and all events desired. The car, regardless of paid for official NCRS recognition, is what is.perfect. I am an NCRS member # 48314. I am reluctantly selling the car to free up cash for a new business venture underway. Documentation: I have the original RPO or order sheet for the care. Pro-tecto-plate. I have a window sticker. The tank sticker is still in place. I have the owners manual in original plastic protector. Original radio manual. Original Wheel trim ring instruction sheet. Dated registration items from previous owners. Dated insurance cards from previous owners. I have a sales brochure. Original Maintenance Folio. I have numerous documents of upkeep verifying mileage. 6/1987 maintenance records of 34,445 miles, 7/1989 at 35,338 miles, 6/1992 at 36,038 miles, 8/2006 at 37,031 miles, 7/2008 at 37,455 miles,
Original dealer issued plaque on the shift console denotes who the car was originally delivered to in 6/1970. RPO reads: Black Vinyl Interior, 390-hp Turbo Jet 454 V8, 4 season Air, Rear axle 308 ratio, 4- speed transmission, F70x15 White Strip Tires, Am/fm Pushbutton Radio. Comfort and Con: Positraction axle, Power windows, Front springs, Rear springs, Power brakes, Tilt-Telescopic Steering Wheel, Power Steering, Audio Alarm System, Tire Pressure Sticker. Note: Luggage Rack and Right Side Mirror are Dealer installed add ons.
History: Car was delivered to Musbach Cheverolet in Olney, llinois and delivered to original owner in 6/1970. Musbach went out of business in the mid 1970s, however, I did speak with a Ford Dealer Service manager in the town, that confirmed the dealership and the facilities history since closure. Its a bike wholesale warehouse now I am told. The original owner lived in Lexington, Kentucky area. I have spoken to the wife of the first owner. I took notes! Car was sold in 1978 to second owner and lived in Canton/Akron, OH region. I have spoken to the wife of the second owner. She confirms the origin of the car and the first owner name, et al. I took notes! In early 2006, the wife of the second owner sold the car to a classic car dealer in the Canton/Akron, OH area. In mid 2006 NCRS judge from West Monroe, LA searched for and found the car. He gave me documents that he discovered on the origin of the car. I have all those documents.
I purchased the car, after much discussion, from the NCRS judge in 2007. He owned three classic corvettes at this time.
Paint Condition: Paint is original and in such good shape that is hard to believe. It is beautiful and shines well. The true corvette eye will validate its originality. The early 70s GM union worker poor quality paint job is correct. Including the correct overspray locations, runs in the door hinges, et al. There are no scratches or chips in the paint to speak of. No door chips. There are one or two minor fender bump/chips.
Interior Condition: The interior is correct and original. Nothing touched and nothing needed. The original am/fm radio is operational. It sounds like crap by todays standards, but was state of the art in 1970. Seat covers and carpet are original. Door panels are perfect. T-Top covers are original and perfect. Dash is without cracks of any kind. There is a hole drilled in the center of the dash where the 1st owner installed an altimeter. He was a Military Flight officer and felt the need to now his corvettes altitudeOnly god knows why.! All gauges and lights work. Including the fiber optic lamp indicator lights on the center shift console. (cant vouch for the altimeter).
Body condition: Body is very nice as it has not been hit or repaired. The front lower air dam has been scraped a few time, but nothing to be concerned with. The body is straight and true and the bulk heads are visible which is correct by age.
There is no rust. There is only 38 year old pitting in metallic areas exposed to weather. Nothing major and could be cleaned up easily. I have not in order to maintain its original state.
Chrome Condition: Chrome is perfect. No pitting on the exterior. No Re-chroming. Underside is pitted as it should be.
Drive Train: Engine is the factory installed born with original 454 big block LS5 rated at 390 horsepower and 500 ft.lbs torgue. The engine starts and runs as it should. The engine idles and chokes as it should. No issue or concerns with the engine. In fact, the smog controlled idle up mechanism for 1970 is operational should you come to a stop in 4th gear. It disengages when move to 1st gear it should.pretty cool. No smokingno concern from engine.
Transmission: The Muncie M-21 4speed is a dream to shift. This is my first Muncie and what a treat. Magnificent machine. Shifts crisp and clean. A treat to drive. Rear End: 3.08 posi trac. No clunking, no whine.nothing. Perfect. Brakes: work fine. No push or pull. Parking brake will hold the car with ease on incline. No issue.
Under Carriage: very nice for 38 years old. I have had it up in the air several times. What a piece of art..very nice and very clean.
Exhaust: point of interest here. The car has its original flat top exhaust system all the way up to the new mufflers. The original chrome exhaust tips have been replaced by replicas. However, I have the originals that need re-chroming. The mufflers had been replace in the late 1970, 80s and early 90s. Lack of driving I presume.
Mechanicals: Nuts and bolts of the car are correct, even the front license plate bolts are correct. In general the car is perfect operating condition. All the gauges, lights, wipers, windows, t-tops, rear window pop out all work as they should. Lights raise up and down violently like the should. Perfect. Horn works as does the telescopic/tilt wheel.(thats cool). In general, this a great car. The 1970 model is getting more attention of late as the mid years are becoming so expensive to buy and maintain. This year is the sleeper. Car is always covered and stored by itself. They are only original.once. 37,550 miles from the odometer. July 10, 2007.
For Sale: No

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