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VIN 194679S709888

Car Year: 1969
Car's approximate birthday: December 10, 1968
Owner: 1) Ebay: travlinz28
City: Dandridge
State: Tennessee
Country: United States
Purchase date: 01/01/2016
Status: Current Owner
State: Nice Driver
Exterior: 980 Riverside Gold
Interior: Std Black (Vinyl) (39.59%)
Softtop: Other Color
Wheels: Other Color
Delivery Dealer Zone: Unknown
Delivery Dealer Code: Unknown
Options: RPO Option Percentage
Sold [%]
Sales Price
  19467 Base Corvette Convertible (350hp) 42.91% 4,438.00
  A31 Power Windows 25.32% 63.20
  C07 Auxiliary Hardtop (for convertible) 20.32% 252.80
  C08 Vinyl Covering (for auxiliary hardtop) 8.43% 57.95
  C60 Air Conditioning 30.59% 428.70
  J50 Power Brakes 43.54% 42.15
  K66 Transistor Ignition System 14.71% 81.10
  L46 350ci, 350hp Engine 33.14% 131.65
  M20 4-Speed Manual Transmission 42.59% 184.80
  N40 Power Steering 58.99% 105.35
  TJ2 Front Fender Louver Trim 30.86% 21.10
  U69 AM-FM Radio 87.38% 172.75
  Total   0.0000%
(1 Cars)
Factory job nr.: Unknown
Export Car: Non Export Car
Car history:
1) This car has had a tremendous amount of mechanical work over the last year and a half but it needs a little more to get it roadworthy.
This all original driveline 1969 Corvette Roadster was purchased by me in 2016 from the son of the original owner. He was given the car around 1980 and the last time it was on the road was 1984. It was stored at his home in Southern California until I bought it and moved it to Tennessee in 2016. The car has 64K original miles. The car was repainted in the original Riverside Gold Laquer just before the son got the car in 1980. It was repainted because it was tapped just behind the driver side door in a parking lot and cracked the fiberglass. All of the panels are original to the car and there has never been any other body work.
The car is very nicely optioned. The son told me in 1993 when I first saw the car that it was a
Brass Hat car. His mother worked for GMAC financing when the car was purchased. There is no proof of the claim. The car is optioned with the 350/350 engine, 4 speed, factory air conditioning, power windows, transistor ignition, side louvers, rally wheels, am/fm radio. The car only has a hard top and when questioned the son said it never had a soft top.
The paint is nice with a few storage chips. I have not rubbed out the paint or tried to fluff it in any way. There is a crack in the hardtop right where it meets the driver side door. I have included a picture of it. With a little bit of touch up and a good polishing I think the car will look super nice for a driver. All of the original glass is very nice except for a chip at the top of the passenger side window. The original chrome is very nice driver condition.
The interior is very nice. The seats were recovered when the car was painted. The original dash, carpet, door panels and steering wheel are outstanding.
The undercarriage of the car is excellent. The frame is as nice as you will find with no rust whatsoever. Not even any scaling or flaking. Just nice smooth metal.
All of the rally wheels, trim rings and caps are original to the car. The spare tire is the original one for the car and has never been on the road. The original jack is there.
My plan when I got the car was to get it drivable again and enjoy it for a summer or two. The plan fell apart when I discovered the engine was stuck. When the motor was taken apart we discovered one cylinder had some moisture. The engine has been completely rebuilt. My direction to the engine builder was to build it to stock specs. The block is now 030 over and was not decked so the vin number and assembly date are still on the pad.
In addition to the engine work here is what I have done to the car:
Fuel system: New fuel tank, sending unit, fuel lines, fuel pump and rebuilt original carburetor. What was left of the original tank sheet is minimal, in small bits and pretty much unreadable.
Brake system: Original calipers rebuilt by Lonestar Brakes, new front rotors, new soft brake lines, new brake booster and master cylinder.
Cooling System: New 4 row radiator, new water pump, all new belts and hoses.
Transmission: Original Muncie 4 speed completely and professionally rebuilt, new clutch, pressure plate and throwout bearing.
The car runs, stops and shifts fine.
Here is what the car needs to the best of my knowledge:
The tires on the car are 40 years old and probably sat flat for a long period of time. I drove the car home about 3 miles from the shop that rebuilt the motor but the tires are shot and the car rode very rough. I did not exceed 30 MPH. It will need new tires and probably alignment.
The shop that rebuilt the trans lost the speedo gear so the speedometer does not work.
The a/c system, smog system, ignition shielding and air cleaner have not been put back on the car. I have all of it and it is all original to the car including the smog pump with the deep groove pulley. I will include 4 cans of R12 freon.
I have not tinkered with the car enough to know all of the electrical system functions. I know the headlights work properly including going up and down, the wiper door opens as it should, the windows go up and down. The radio didn't work but again I have not played with it.
The right rear strut rod has a slight bend to it.
There is one speck of rust that I found at the right windshield pillar about a third of the way up. I have included a picture. I believe the picture makes it look a little worse than it actually is. I am in Tennessee so it would be Eastern time. The car was in California before me. Yes the car has both power steering and brakes. It has a clear Tennessee title in my name. I have a copy of the California title in the original owners name.
I also have the California registrations for every year back to 1971 which ties the black/yellow plates to the car. Also have some receipts for parts bought and work done over the years the car was in operation. BiN $24,500 but reached $20,901 (RnM) on January 24, 2018.
For Sale: No

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