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VIN 194678S412848

Car Year: 1968
Car's approximate birthday: March 4, 1968
Owner: eBay Motors Seller tierhog
City: Coarsegold
State: California
Country: United States
Purchase date: Undefined
Status: Current Owner
State: Nice Driver
Exterior: 992 Corvette Bronze (11.81%)
Interior: 435 Tobacco (Vinyl)
Softtop: White
Wheels: Other Color
Delivery Dealer Zone: Unknown
Delivery Dealer Code: Unknown
Options: RPO Option Percentage
Sold [%]
Sales Price
  19467 Base Corvette Convertible (350hp) 65.22% 4,320.00
  C07 Auxiliary Hardtop (for convertible) 30.58% 231.75
  C08 Vinyl Covering (for auxiliary hardtop) 10.68% 52.70
  C60 Air Conditioning 19.83% 412.90
  G81 Positraction Rear Axle, all ratios 94.55% 46.35
  L79 327ci, 350hp Engine 33.05% 105.35
  N40 Power Steering 43.28% 94.80
  U79 AM-FM Radio, stereo 11.59% 278.10
  Total   0.000000072969153%
(1 Cars)
Factory job nr.: Unknown
Export Car: Non Export Car
Other details: Date Code from trim tag: H01
Car history:
Updated 07/27/2012

I would consider the overall condition of this car to be in good, running condition.
However, I'd like to make some general comments about the car and share the
following issues that should eventually be addressed:

Runs great up to about 3200 RPM or so, then engine timing stumbles, knocks and
pings. Also, only when the outside temperature is extremely hot AND the car has
been driven for a long time, it MAY, have a 'hot restart' issue. This has been only
since I replaced the original iron intake manifold with the higher rise aluminum
Edelbrock intake manifold, less than two years ago. What I've done in the rare
occasion the car hesitates to restart in the extreme heat conditions is press the
gas pedal partially to the floor board, engage the starter and in a few revolutions,
the car starts. However, because I'm selling the car, I took the car to Cal. Auto
Diagnostic Specialists, in Fresno, CA on July 12, 2012, to evaluate the RPM and
'hot restart' problems. They informed me the Mallory distributor should be replaced
to alleviate the RPM issue (I have original 1968 distributor). I purchased and installed
the Mallory, with coil, in November, 1993. Other than the distributor, C.A.D.S
informed me that the engine is in sound condition, but did recommend an MSD (or
new distributor), coil, wires and plugs (for the MSD). C.A.D.S. diagnostic quote:
"Ignition timing set at 19BTDC at idle. At 2,000 RPM's, still at 19BTDC, no advance.
Spark cuts out intermittently throughout power band, more noticable above 3,500
RPM's." Regarding the rare 'hot restart', C.A.D.S. told me that the higher rise
Edelbrock intake manifold was contributing to the rare situation of the 'hot start'. I
have thought about re-installing the original iron intake to alleviate this issue, but,
truthfully, the 'hot-restart' issue is so rare, and it's easy to get it to restart when it
does occur, that I'll leave the intake swap maintenance up to the discretion of the
new owner. :)

I'll confess, the reason I haven't been too concerned about the RPM issue either,
is due to the fact that I rarely drive this car and it is original and number matching,
so I don't run the engine above 3,000 RPM's anyhow. It has plenty of power and
simply gives me a thrill at the lower RPM range. Also, in honesty, money and time
to work on the car is difficult for me at this time. :)

Everything works EXCEPT the following: Turn signals (steering column kit needed),
Interior VARIABLE lighting (interior gauge lighting is either on, or off, no variation.
replace switch for variable adjustment), 'Door Ajar' switch on driver door needs
replacement, 'Seat Belt' and 'Low Fuel' lamps, clock and horn doesn't work.

Air Conditioning:
When I bought the car, the A/C worked, barely. When it stopped blowing cold air,
I removed the pump from the engine. I have that original pump, of course, but all
other original A/C components are still mounted on the car.

I've never had any over heating problems, and still don't. but, there is a small
leak in what appears to be the front passenger side of the radiator. I haven't
taken the car to a radiator shop, so I don't know if the radiator may or may not
need to be pulled to repair it.

Needs complete carpet kit. I have no carpet installed in the car. Seats, door panels,
dash panels are in good condition, except upper dash pad material is peeling away
from windshield defroster duct. All gauges, except clock, work. Original stereo radio
is replaced with a Kenwood cassette player. I have the original radio. Driver door
interior lock knob and seat adjustment chrome knobs are missing. Rear compartment
area (behind seats) storage doors need to be installed. Seat belts have faded, but
are original.

Everything original, including American Racing wheels, and rear license plate.
Front license plate was missing when I purchased the car. Gas cap cover lid (on
rear decklid of car) paint has peeled off half of it. Right rear chrome bumper has
small 'ding' that has been there since I bought the car. Additionally, there are only
a few small nicks on the car that I should have touched up, but haven't. Note: A
couple of years after I bought the car, possibly 1992, I took it to Corvette Heaven
in Campbell, CA, to have them match the Tobacco interior paint. While there, the
owner of the shop came out to 'inspect' my car. He popped the hood, with his
hands felt around under all the fiberglass, got under the car and did the same,
from front to rear. He said,"well, one thing for sure, she's never been in a wreck."
I asked, "how do you know?" He replied, "Because all her fiberglass is original."
This Corvette lover went on to inform me that the only non-original parts on the
car (at that time) that he could tell was the rear view mirror, the radio knobs on
the original radio are from a 1969, and inside the engine compartment, the wiper
door vacuum canister was a replacement for the original. He also complimented
the Corvette Bronze paint, he said it was the closest to original he'd ever seen
(Larry Park of Park Performance Corvettes informed me the car had been repainted
once, in 1987). Note: I provided a picture of under hood factory yellow chalk writing
indicating that this car is likely to be the 2,356th Power Steering optioned car.

Maybe 10 years ago, I replaced the rusted exhaust pipes and mufflers with under-
car chambered exhaust tubes, connected to straight pipes out the back. There are
no traditional mufflers on the car.

I've listed the overall mileage on this car at 175,000. That's a fair 'guestimate'.
Here's how I arrive at that: When I purchased the car, the odometer read 06959
(106,959). At just over 125,000 miles, the odometer stopped working, but the
speedometer continued to work. I purchased an odometer rebuild kit, disconnected
the odometer cable, pulled the dash and installed a new gear(s). In 1995, at
127,482 miles, the odometer stopped working again. Not wanting to tear the dash
apart again, I neglected the repair. So, in estimating the mileage I had accumulated
in those years with an active odometer ('91-'95, abt.21,000 mi.), I arrive at approximately
170,000 by 2006, when my first son was born. Since then, I drastically reduced
the amount of time I spent with the car.

Additional Info:
This Corvette was delivered at Biddulph Chevrolet, Santa Rosa, CA. I purchased
this car personally from Larry Park of Park Performance Corvettes, Milpitas, CA
on Dec 2,1990 and am the 5th owner. Many years later, I learned that Larry was
predominant in the Corvette racing circuit. This Corvette has been registered in
CA since 1968. Other than the original 1968 Corvette Owner's Manual, I have no
other original documentation for the car. Many years ago, I personally spoke with
the 2nd owner of the car and he informed me of the following:

"The car was sold from Biddulph Chevrolet in Santa Rosa. The factory A/C option
on a convertible was rare at that time. American Racing Mags are original to the
car. Never sell the rims separately, they belong to the car. The first owner purchased
the car only if the dealer delivered it with American Racing Mags. No Rally wheels
have been on the car. The spare tire and black vinyl hard top is original. white soft
top is not. Black was the original color."

Original fuel tank was replaced with a new original replacement tank, sending unit,
gaskets and hoses. Original tank had a small piece of what was probably the tank
sticker, which I've saved in a plastic bag. The piece of material is sooted brown
and illegible.

I have the following original parts to the car: Gas tank/sender unit, Iron intake
manifold, distributor, exhaust manifolds, chrome ignition shielding (chrome pieces
that cover distributor and wiring), A/C air pump, AM/FM Stereo radio, and other
miscellaneous stuff that I can't think of as I write this.

I have a recent appraisal on the car for $24,500.00, dated June 12, 2012, from
Steve Linden of 9 Mobrey Lane, Smithtown, New York, 11787, 516-524-4102 .
Please visit Steve's website to view his incredible credentials at
I will provide the appraisal via email or picture, to anyone who wishes to see it.

Prior Appraisals:
I have two older appraisals on this car; Dec 4, 1990, from Park Performance
Service Center, Milpitas, CA, by Matt Mazdeh, for $19,125.00; Nov 7, 1991,
Classic Productions, Sacramento, CA, by William Cook, for $19,000.00.

In closing, I wish to add that while looking at most other car ads, I realize my listing
is quite lengthly. I seriously considered not writing so much info on this car, but I
felt that if I were looking for a vehicle, I would appreciate knowing everything about
it before I gave up my hard earned money for it. I personally felt more comfortable
telling the story of this car in hopes that whoever may bid on it will feel comfortable
with what they're buying.

If anyone wishes more pictures or info on the car, please feel free to contact me
using Ebay email or at

Thank you for looking at my ol' Corvette and good luck at finding the car of your dreams!

On Jul-26-12 at 18:05:36 PDT, seller added the following information:


My reply to a possible bidder's question:

"I tried to send an additional message to answer your other questions, but, my
reply obviously failed to send. Regarding suspension issues; other than what I
would consider normal 'wear and tear' and typical grease and road debris buildup
on the undercarriage, as would be typical to a 'driver' car of this age, I don't
believe there's any issues. I have replaced some typical bushings here and there,
including shocks, but that's been many years ago. I'll add that driving this car is
truly a pleasure. The steering box is in great shape, no play in the steering, the
car does not have any alignment issues (veering left or right) that I can tell...
The car has never had power brakes. It is an L-79, optioned with a 327/350hp
engine, manual transmission, power steering, factory air conditioning. That's how
they offered the L-79 in 1968.
One of the coolest things about the 1968, is the wiper door that opens and closes
by vacuum, covering the wiper blades. Yes, it works great. And, another issue
with these year Corvettes is the vacuum system; It's always worked strong, i.e.,
wiper door and headlamp assemblies snap open and closed as they should. When
I recently took the car to the auto shop (I described that in my detailed description),
they checked for vacuum leaks and didn't inform me of any. Bottom line, no
issues that I can tell by operating the car."

eBay Item number: 290749890835
For Sale: No

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