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VIN 1Z37L7S446192

Car Year: 1977
Car's approximate birthday: August 4, 1977
Owner: eBay Motors rhaa6153
City: Honolulu
State: Hawaii
Country: United States
Purchase date: Undefined
Status: Current Owner
Nickname: 1Z37L7S446192
State: Nice Driver
Exterior: 72 Medium Red (8.24%)
Interior: 192 Black (Leather)
Wheels: Silver (100.00%)
Delivery Dealer Zone: Unknown
Delivery Dealer Code: Unknown
Options: RPO Option Percentage
Sold [%]
Sales Price
  1YZ37 Base Corvette Sport Coupe (180hp)   8,647.65
  A31 Power Windows 90.10% 116.00
  C49 Rear Window Defogger 61.79% 84.00
  C60 Air Conditioning 91.95% 553.00
  D35 Sport Mirrors 41.06% 36.00
  M40 Turbo Hydra-Matic Automatic Transmission 83.78% 0.00
  N37 Tilt-Telescopic Steering Column 94.46% 165.00
  Total   1.3713%
(675 Cars)
Factory job nr.: Unknown
Export Car: Non Export Car
Other details: Mileage: 130,000
Added to Registry 08/06/2010
Car history:
1977 Candy Apple Red, With Metallic Paint Flickers.
I purchased this beauty 10 years ago for $4,500 and easily have put over $20,000
into it over the years. Only the cars on Ebay fully restored from the frame up are
superior. Of all the cars I have seen, all others have only one or two categories
out of three that are good, those being exterior, interior, and engine. Within the
last five years I have had the following done:

The front carpet, doors, and the seats are redone I redid the seats in leather and
put extra memory foam in the drivers seat. Additionally, new plastic backing for
the seats were installed to complete the look. It has a new steering wheel and the
turn signal mechanism was replaced. It has a four speaker, cd/mp3/stereo with
remote. All seals were replaced. The internal door mechanisms (locks/windows)
have been redone.

I just repainted the car, candy apple red with metal flicker. The brake lights are
new with replacements to bubble included (2 sets). Also the lights in back have
Superbright LED's installed. The tires have little mileage and the rim covers are
stainless steel so will never rust. The front has a mini-steel bumper to minimize
accidental bumps (see photos). The head-lights are new and there is no problems
with the entire pneumatic air system. I have additional halogen replacement headlights.

The cooling system, brake system, and air conditioning have been redone, as well
as the transmission. Most of the steering, suspension, motor mounts, and
transmission mounts are now polyurethane to completely withstand any oil or
decay, as well as to withstand Hawaii's bumps. The battery is new, as is the heater
fan, alternator, and high torque starter. It even has a custom welded 2 inch
receiving hitch to tow or connect a bike rack. Much more was done to it, believe
me, with some lifetime guarantees such as the fan, mufflers, and front brakes. It
has a one of a kind proprietary engine shield for the a/c to increase the efficiency.
The carb had a major rebuild done and an electric choke was installed. All known
mechanical issues for this model year have been taken care of.

I will include a custom rack for surfboards or small kayaks, and/or a bike rack.
An enclosed cargo carrier with receiver extension can be included (an unusual
SUV) for an amount to be determined (It too is custom and cost me about $500).
In addition to the t-tops, the car has a smoked plastic top, and a wind guard when
topless. Additionally, I have several car covers and extra parts to include. Since
you cannot ship anything with the car in transit, per Federal maritime regulation,
shipping is extra for these items and the buyer is responsible. I have the sports
bra but I don't have it on any longer. It is completely street legal and you won't
find a better car mechanically. Registration is current so you will pay $10 to
register it and we can work out the safety inspection (Both for Hawaii Only). It is
California Smog legal as well, with the non-chrome air intake installed, but can be
easily modified to be legal with the chrome set up. I have available the Chilton
book for the car, the Haynes book for the Rochester carburetor, and the assembly manual.

I have yet to determine why the car, on occasion, leaks rain water randomly,
either when running or still? It is a known problem for this year due to its age,
though I have changed all the seals. I do have a custom mini-cover to minimize
this problem, as well as 2 other full covers and can discuss the issue with you. You
would want to keep this car garaged anyway. The covers are for when you take it
out in case that it may rain. We can discuss the issue at length.

The dash needs to be redone or capped. I have a dash cover on it so I have
never had issue with it and it can be easily capped.

There is a security issue with the doors I will need to discuss.
Dont worry, it is a good thing, that is all.

Shipping of vehicle port to port is $1,000.00, that to just about any west coast
location. Buyer will assume this cost. Additional extra items will be sent at your
discretion and cost. You will decide what you want. Keep in mind no one is offering
so many extras. If you live in Hawaii, you will make out like a bandit.

I cannot emphasize that so much more has been done to this car that is
documented thoroughly in all receipts (provided upon request). It was never my
intention to part with this car so all was done per my standards. The work was
primarily handled by a Corvette professional who handled all the "corvette"
specific needs. I handled all the proprietary parts, some of which you will benefit
from. A car like this will always be a work in progress, yet nothing compares to
the look on other corvette owners or admirers when you drive by in this car. It is
sold as is with no warranties on my part, however, I will provide receipts for
lifetime guarantees for some of the above listed items which should be transferable.

Do not be fooled by odometer pictures, as they only go up to 99,999 miles in this
model. Do the math and determine the truth. If a car was never used, then it was
locked away and would not have been altered and will be 100% original. If it was
altered in any way then, it was most probably turned over (odometer) or rebuilt.
My engine was rebuilt and this model will go easily over 200,000 miles with no
problems. That is the charm of a GM 350 engine. I took the time to additionally
address any concerns before they could be a problem. When I saw the slightest
bit of smoke in the exhaust, I had the valve seals replaced, for example. As
stated earlier, any known issue for this car was taken care of. Cracks were known
to develop in the front frame, for instance, and they were welded and corrected to
specification. Ask the right questions and you will get the right answers. Once
again, my car is fully documented.......Make sure you are paying correctly for
what you want, especially in such a classic that is well over 30 years old. When I
bought my car, I paid for pretty, and a good engine and transmission. I found out
that with age, much can happen. As stated earlier, I paid about $4,500 and put
over $20,000 into it. I saw one car listed elsewhere that had listed minor defects;
no headlights and no a/c compressor, thus indicating no real issue. This tells me
the pneumatic air system is shot and will cost perhaps thousands to repair the a/c,
lights, and many other parts to this intrigal system.

For Sale: No

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