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VIN 194671S102968

Car Year: 1971
Car's approximate birthday: December 3, 1970
Owner: 1) Ebay: ahudson777
City: Montgomery
State: Alabama
Country: United States
Purchase date: Undefined
Date sold: 06/30/2015
State: Nice Driver
Exterior: 989 War Bonnet Yellow (17.00%)
Interior: 417 Saddle (Vinyl)
Softtop: Black
Wheels: Other Color
Delivery Dealer Zone: Unknown
Delivery Dealer Code: Unknown
Options: RPO Option Percentage
Sold [%]
Sales Price
  19467 Base Corvette Convertible (270hp) 32.66% 5,259.00
  A31 Power Windows 28.40% 79.00
  N40 Power Steering 82.12% 115.90
  U69 AM-FM Radio 82.92% 178.00
  UA6 Alarm System 38.99% 31.60
  Total   0.001153001260903%
(1 Cars)
Factory job nr.: E02
Export Car: Non Export Car
Car history:
2) This is a real honest-to-goodness 1971 Corvette Convertible LT-1 with the ORIGINAL MOTOR and mostly original parts.
The Warbonnet Yellow exterior was repsprayed around 10 years ago- I just had local paint guru Danny McGhee respray the hood and some of the areas on these that typically crack, and it really looks fresh now! The Odometer shows 12K- Perhaps it's 112K I just don't know.
YES this is a numbers matching car with a correct CGZ motor- The VIN of the car is 194671S102968, motor is C11S102968 and coded V0819CGZ. The heads were replaced with a rebuilt set of GM 350 heads but the original heads are included. The car is currently running a newer Holley 600 CFM carb, but a period correct original is included. I believe the gearbox and rear end to be original. While shocks and bushings have been replaced- they are much older than the paint job. That said the car drives beautifully!
The car has just recently had new plugs, wires, valve cover gaskets, and a good timing and tuneup, and starts, drives and runs great! Brakes were rebuilt recently,and newer BF Goodrich Comps are on with full tread. Gearbox is great with no graunch at all through the gears. Oil pressure is excellent- around 35 psi at idle. It fires RIGHT UP and settles into a great muscle car idle. These LT-1s are fabulous- a big block rumble but small block driveability. The car is still fast and pulls really hard, and of course EVERYONE loves this car on the road! Just so many smiles and thumbs up and horn honks!
The interior is a mix of original and restored- Recently had a complete Corvette America interior done at significant expense. (Original was a mess.) It looks, feels, and even smells fantastic. New seats, seat backs, hardware, door panels, weatherstripping. New dash top (this was a job!), sound barriers, full carpet (floor, door panels, rear luggage area). The seats fold, lock, and slide like new. This isn't a quickie 'seat cover slap job', this was a detailed 3-week job and it shows. Also had gauges pulled and either repaired or replaced. Now all work tach, water temp, amp gauge, even clock works. Horn, blinkers, park lights, all that is fine. The only thing left to really sort are the headlights. The servoes and lines have been replaced and we've had the headlight doors working flawlessly, but 80 of the time only the driver's side headlight reliably opens. I'm sure a real Vette pro could get this sorted quickly.
What we have here is a real honest to goodness LT-1 Convertible in really nice shape. Paint and most of the interior is great, undercarraige is clean and shows NO evidence of any serious rust issues. The original AX code emission label is still there (You can make out the edge of the X still)- the original 6500 RPM tach is there, no fuel return line, original aluminum valve covers still there- Just a nice original car!
With Hagerty pegging a #1 restored car at $77K and even a #2 car at $55K- you can see just how good an investment these cars can be.
This is my own personal car- I am not a dealer, just a guy who LOVES cars of all types. I am NOT a Corvette expert, so I will do my best to answer any questions you might have. If you need a serial number or a photo of something please ask- I will do my best to give it to you within a reasonable amount of time.
The car is in my garage 25 miles west of Boston. Just thought I'd add one item I forgot- The convertible top and rear window are in very good shape- There is about a 1 cut in the top outer layer on the passenger side that has been stabilized with adhesive- Top functions properly- If you'd like a closeup photo of the issue I'm happy to send it along. Sold for $32,000 on August 21, 2017.
1) 1971 Corvette LT-1 Convertible. Maybe I'm just not a Corvette guy, which will be great news to those who are. (You'll see.) Have had a few over the years, always intrigued by the immense power, great looks, and serviceability. This car was no different.
I figured an LT-1 convertible would do it. Great, free revving small block, and rare enough to not blend totally into the crowd. Though it's fun and good-looking as heck, as I trim back on cars, this one is on the block.
Very nice Warbonnet Yellow (which is gold in anyone's book) with complete new saddle interior. Car has power windows, power steering, power brakes (Nope from webmaster), later Corvette AM/FM, Rallye wheels, new brakes and tires. Runs and drives fantastically with full recent tune. Miles are hard to say but shows 12k. Crisp 4-speed, excellent matching number engine, starts easily, pulls strong, stops straight. This is a wonderful clean, original LT1 in better than street driver condition. This car has just had over $8k of recent work to make it a wonderful hop in and enjoy car.
EXTERIOR: Paint is really good driver quality, done many years ago, still shows nicely. Photos honestly make it look better than it is, but I'm a perfectionist. No one would say this car needs paint; it's pretty strong. Chrome is excellent front, good rear, unbent and unrusted. Grill is good, side gills good, rocker trims very good. Lights, emblems, license plate surround all good. Glass is good, all there. Top is in good shape, rear window is super clear. Every time I'm in the car, people come over to talk about it, so this car is definitely attractive.
UNDERNEATH: The frame looks nice. If it has ANY corrosion, it is extremely minor. I can't find it. Was told to look in the dog-legs behind door pillar, and I see nothing there. My technician said it looked VERY sound to him, though it has a one-piece front end done years ago, and decently. (He owned a Corvette restoration facility for 16 years.) With the new exhaust, no apparent rust or leaks, it is generally tidy underneath.
INTERIOR: Just had a complete Corvette America interior done at significant expense. (Original was a mess.) It looks, feels, and even smells fantastic. New seats, seat backs, hardware, door panels, weatherstripping. New dash top (this was a job!), sound barriers, full carpet (floor, door panels, rear luggage area). The seats fold, lock, and slide like new. This isn't a quickie 'seat cover slap job, this was a detailed 3-week job and it shows. Also had gauges pulled and either repaired or replaced. Now all work: tach, water temp, amp gauge, even clock works. Horn, blinkers, park lights, all that is fine. The radio comes on and plays sort of, but is junk really. I have a factory AM/FM from this car I'll give the new owner.
ENGINE, MECHANICALS I'm no Vette expert but this IS the matching block for the car, that I know. (Please don't ask me about date coding every screw and nut; I have no idea on that.) The car starts, idles, runs, and sounds great. It fires right up, near instantly. (It should, about $2 grand was spent on light mechanicals 4 months ago, made a big difference.) Oil pressure is excellent about 35 psi at idle - so the motor seems very healthy. New stainless exhaust was just put on the car front to rear, and it sounds, looks wonderful. I also just had new ignition shielding, plug wires, coolant hoses, valve cover gaskets, carburettor (kept the OEM one that came off of it) PCV, and other bits done to the car (another $1900). The motor is dry, sounds good, pulls strong. Thought it looks fine in the photos, the engine needs detailing, seems rather clumsily done. To most people it looks fine (see perfectionist comment earlier.) This is a job I'll leave to the next owner, though I'm half itching to do it.
SUSPENSION, TIRES, BRAKES, TRANSMISSION Right before I got the car, the previous owner (ER doctor who'd owned it 8 years) had the brakes rebuilt, so they're fine. Soon as I got the car, I put new BF Goodrich Comps all the way around, plus full dynamic balance. I also just put on a new steering box (power) to tighten up the formerly very sloppy feel. It helped a ton and needs no attention. My tech said the car may NOT have come with power steering, but its on there now, and believe me, you want it. Any suspect suspension or steering bits were replaced. The steel wheels are in good shape, chrome rings and centers also good. Shocks seem fine, car rides nicely. Rear end has no howling, just hooks up and goes. Power brakes are great on the car. Stops sure, straight, no drama. Car sits nice, low, and level. It shifts great. You've got to love a good old US 4 speed gearbox! Oh, I also had the shifter renewed, retaining OEM appearing shift shaft, knob, and new shifter boot. Really tidy and tight. This car is so much fun to pull up through the gears, hear the engine reach, then click into the next gear and do it all again. Bullet proof mechanicals are something I'll miss in this car.
OTHER: The vacuum stuff has given me fits and though they do work, it's iffy. I could send you a video of the wiper door and lights behaving perfectly, then if you turn your back, they do a lazy half dance or slow motion wink. Next time they'll be fine. I have replaced lines, servos, and my tech is about 90 certain we've exorcized the demons, but I don't trust it. Honestly, I'm kinda done here, so consider finishing this off as part of your to-do list.
OVERALL Basically, this is good, solid, largely original LT-1 convertible with a matching engine that presents beautifully. My price should be fair for those facts alone. I'm not a dealer, not that interested in extracting every last dime, so somebody's going to get a deal. Once it's sold, its sold. Gone. Probably better to make the decision to bid now.
Including what the previous owner spent just recently ($2400) plus what I just spent ($6840), that's about $9200 you WON'T have to spend on it. If you subtracted that from this car, there's a chance you may be getting a matching LT1 drop-top for under 20 grand. Yet I've just had this work done and am ready for the next owner to jump on this appreciating American classic to enjoy top down driving for many years.
The SCM Price Guide lists a 71 LT-1 Convertible in the middle range at $37,600, with a low at $28,600 and a high of $67,200. (Personally, I think the price guides are a little behind on this car.)
When I decide to sell something, Im ready to move to the next thing. SOMEBODY is going to recognize this as a legit car and a true bargain. You can hear about it at the next cruise-in or you can be the guy telling the story, your choice.
I will say that the price of this car will leave you plenty of room to have fun as is, play with over time, bring the value higher with every dollar invested. This will be a very good buy for someone, an even better future investment. Plus this sale will make room for me to buy another toy. Engine number is C11S102968. Color codes from the trim plate. Built date is E02. $13,100 and running (RnM). March 30, 2015.
For Sale: No

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