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VIN 1Z87HAS418476

Car Year: 1980
Car's approximate birthday: February 17, 1980
Owner: eBay Motors 1pasofamilyvw
City: Paso Robles
State: California
Country: United States
Purchase date: Undefined
Status: Current Owner
Nickname: 1Z87HAS418476
State: Project Car
Exterior: 10 White (19.16%)
Interior: 192 Black (Leather) (16.68%)
Wheels: Other Color
Delivery Dealer Zone: Unknown
Delivery Dealer Code: Unknown
Options: RPO Option Percentage
Sold [%]
Sales Price
  1YZ87 Base Corvette Sport Coupe (190hp)   13,140.24
  AU3 Power Door Locks 80.49% 140.00
  C49 Rear Window Defogger 90.09% 109.00
  CC1 Removable Glass Roof Panels 48.49% 391.00
  K30 Cruise Control 75.89% 123.00
  LG4 305ci, 180hp engine (required in California) 7.93% -50.00
  MX1 Automatic Transmission 85.78% 0.00
  N90 Aluminum Wheels (4) 84.03% 407.00
  U75 Power Antenna 80.92% 56.00
  UN3 AM-FM Radio, stereo with cassette 37.30% 168.00
  YF5 California Emission Certification 7.93% 250.00
  Total   0.0012%
(1 Cars)
Factory job nr.: Unknown
Export Car: Non Export Car
Other details: Mileage: 54,214
Added to Registry 10/19/2010
Car history:
For Sale: I have here an original 1 owner 1980 Corvette with mirrored T-Tops that
are factory and best of all it has only 54,000 actual miles. Yes ! This is not a
mistake , this is a factory original 1980 Corvette with only 54,000 original miles
and has been a 1 owner with the original title to prove it. The pictures speak for
themselves but this is original paint , original interior and original motor . There is
minor wear and tear but look online and try to find one anywhere with this low
mileage and all original in any condition is a challenge in itself and then try to find
one that is a life long California car with it's original BLUE Plates and Original
California title and yes it is the little title I will picture and not the big title they use
today. Obviously not all will agree with me that is a true treasure and some will go
as far as thinking a scratch or a rip in the seats means it needs all redone. I am
going to just picture the car and give an honest description and let the buyer
figure out for themselves and what they are willing to spend and I will just sit back
and wait. This is a 305 V-8 automatic air conditioning power windows power
brakes cruise control and telescopic steering. The story on this car is quite
interesting and I think that if a car doesn't have a story it isn't worth owning.
There is all kind of Corvettes running around that have been used and abused and
left to die and tires flat ,sun damaged etc. that have no story other then they just
abandoned for the next best thing . This car I've recently found while on vacation
in northern California and was purchased from an older lady who has owned the
car with her husband since 10-10-81 when it was purchased new in Chico ,
California. This was more than likely a left over from the 80 model year and sold
brand new with taxes and fee's at the time $1,117.00 and all of this you can get
from the title once auction has ended. I normally only buy and restore beetle
convertibles but when I took a look at this car I bought it on the spot. The lady's
husband died in 1995 and the car was sadly parked in her garage and car placed
on non-opt so there would be no registration fee's or penitly fee's and she just
could not let the memory go of her late husband for the next 16 years. Finally
approximately 6 months ago things changed in her life and she decided to let it
go. I am not here trying to tell you I've got a piece of the Titanic or gold from
King Tut's Tomb . I have an automobile that has imperfections, wear and tear for
a 30 year old vehicle but compared to others this car is in a class by itself but that
is my opinion and all statements are just that , my opinion. The only 100% way
you know exactly what you are getting is to take the time and come in person. If
buying from out of state I implore you to read the ad and ask questions to save us
any misunderstandings. California buyers need to keep in mind the local and state
smog laws and you will be responsible for any and all registration and smog fee's .
I do not and will not include a smog certificate on a 30 year old vehicle. There
should be no issues with only 55,000 miles but again I can't guarantee it. All other
48 states you will not have any issues what so ever.

The car is 30 years old and being sold as is and all sales are final. The car is
located in Paso Robles,Ca . I can help with shipping if needed but all costs
incurred will be at the buyers expense and if any problems or delays by shipping
company I will not be held responsible and anything over 2 weeks for pick up the
transport company must give me 24 hours notice of when truck is coming . I am
very busy person and I bend over backwards for an easy transaction and I in the
past cost myself to the point where I have lost hundreds of dollars trying to be the
good guy on a no reserve car. I don't mind going the extra mile but remember I
make no claims of value of car of any kind. I offer the car no reserve and these
ads are not free. If someone bids and wins the auction I am charged a percentage
of the sale of the car plus as much as $250.00 just to list the car so it adds up

Had a silly question concerning the speedometer plastic covering . I want to make
this clear I have not so much as wiped the dust off the dash yet . This car has not
been cleaned or detailed yet. It appears someone at one time sprayed some
cleaner, water, armor all or whatever else and did a poor job cleaning the plastic
portions. I wanted to take pictures of this car exactly as I bought it and seen it. In
the next day I hope to have video or it running and driving and I will wipe down
the car a bit and get better pictures. Thank you and good day.

Hello again, I have been having a lot of emails about the condition so I want to
make this crystal clear again. If I didn't make it clear before. This car was owned
by a 80 year old man who would be 96 years old today and he babied this motor
and it is so tight and purrs like a kitten. I also wanted to make this clear, I have
only owned it a very short time and I know very little about the car other then
what was told to me and the paper work I have. I just talked today with the
person who handled the sale for the lady and he will be more then happy to verify
the mileage and that this is a one owner who owned it etc. I can give the winning
bidder the phone number if wanted. If you are looking for pristine vette look
elsewhere if you are looking for something that is flawless or a show car please
look elsewhere. I have pictured the imperfections and hidden nothing and have
been as honest as possible. The air conditioning will need recharged and there is
the normal wear and tear on these fiberglass bodies but never any accidents and
original paint but you would need to re-paint it if you are worried about flaws
which are all pictured and will be videoed and in the pictures they show the minor
cracks. I just got the car home and off the trailer today and have flushed the fuel
systems and replaced spark plug wires and plugs and some vacuum hoses and
after 16 fired up on the first shot and there is no doubt of the actual
miles. I removed the valve covers and they were as clean as a new motor and I
know motors and this is fantastic. I am going to have pictures of the car running
and driving and lights working etc. Next if you are coming in person and wanting
to drive the car I strongly suggest bringing 4 brand new tires . These tires had
1500 miles on them when the man died 16 years ago so there is dry rot but do
hold air and will be fine for driving on a transporter or very short distance. I
almost forgot this car has the normal surface corrusion any car this age would
have but no rust and this is very very tight car but there is normal wear and tear
as I have stated over and over. Thank you very much and good day.

Hello, I just found in the car under the passenger seat several original documents
and this happens to not be a one owner. The car was bought actually from the
dealer at Liberty Chevrolet 3175 Highland Ave. Selma Ca 93662 and was
purchased by a man named Larry last name we will not mention from Chico, Ca.
with 8 miles on the car on 3-11-1980 . He owned the car for a little over a year
when he then sold it to the Chico Chevrolet dealer where the car was bought by
the lady and her late husband on 10-10-1981. She is 96 years old and I honestly
believe she doesn't remember and if I didn't have the paperwork I wouldn't of
known and neither would you but I want to be as up front and honest as I can be
and I know when these cars are fully restored all this paperwork is difference
from an average car and an exceptional car. This has the original dealer sticker
number 577, the original warranty book , the gas key lock tag, the t-tops
instruction notice, the warranty tag labels, the original goodyear tire instruction,
the Chevrolet Consumer Information for the 1980 Corvette, the 1980 General
Motors Maintenance Schedule for Gasoline and fueled Passenger Cars ( California
Only) , the Vehicle inspection that was done on 3-4-1980 from the General Motors
and Mirror and headlight dimmer instructions as well as ignition key removal
instructions. This was found tucked under the seat in great condition which I have
pictured. I am also going to drop the gas tank tomorrow and check for the build
sheet. I have had 14 Corvettes over the years from 427 big blocks, L-82 small
blocks and all in between from 1969 to 1989 and the build sheets have all been
above the gas tank. Also the original tire and tire cover are there. Also I found the
T-Top covers that look like brand new . I know this is a lot of information and no
this is not a show car at the moment but could be and this documentation could
come in handy down the road but this is not a one owner and I do apoligize and it
wasn't my intention to mislead anybody. I am going to contact the lead bidder and
make him aware of this matter. Thanks.

For Sale: No

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