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VIN 194678S404500

Car Year: 1968
Car's approximate birthday: November 14, 1967
Owner: 2) Ebay: dannyharvill
City: Burnet
State: Texas
Country: United States
Purchase date: 01/01/2016
Status: Current Owner
State: Project Car
Exterior: Other Color
Interior: Other Color
Softtop: Other Color
Wheels: Other Color
Delivery Dealer Zone: Unknown
Delivery Dealer Code: Unknown
Options: RPO Option Percentage
Sold [%]
Sales Price
  19467 Base Corvette Convertible (300hp) 65.22% 4,320.00
  C07 Auxiliary Hardtop (for convertible) 30.58% 231.75
  M21 4-Speed Manual Transmission, close ratio 43.19% 184.35
  U69 AM-FM Radio 86.15% 182.75
  Total   7.4209%
(2,120 Cars)
Factory job nr.: Unknown
Export Car: Non Export Car
Car history:
2) Just needs a paint job to make it a great weekend play toy. I have spent over $13,000 on parts & labor in the last year. Recent work done includes brakes, parking brake, rotors turned, wiper switch & solenoid, replaced dash wiring harness, bulbs and fuses, shift console housing, rear compartment doors, carpet front and rear, seat padding and covers, gear lube, antifreeze, tachometer and cable, headlight switch, headlight door switch and valves, headlight door activator, wiper door activator, wiper blades, seat belts, parking brake console, glove box liner, stereo & speakers, vacuum hoses, oil & filter and new vinyl top. I do have the bumpers and the car has a soft top as well as the hard top. $12,600 (RnM) on September 20, 2017.
1) 1968 Convertible Corvette with both soft-top and hardtop. Financial hardship forces sale. My loss, your gain.
Positives: The car has been stored indoors the entire time I've owed it, which has been since 1999. I believe I am the third owner and I think it has been in Arizona all its life (but not 100 per cent sure). I have all receipts and even a spreadsheet where I track what I've done. Car runs FANTASTIC and is a blast to drive. I only drive it a few times a year pull it out every couple of months and drive it for two-three days then put her back in the garage. Not terribly fast but not slow either if I had to guess probably does a 14.5-15 second quarter mile. Engine is NOT ORIGINAL. It's a 350, 4-bolt main with the numbers V1207TDJ. I don't know if the motor has been rebuilt or not. Don't know the cam specs but it does lope a bit. Carb is a Holley Avenger, I believe it's a 670 CFM (was a gift), with working choke, but has not really been calibrated perfectly for the motor (running slightly rich at the moment). Manifold is a Weiand Team G I had laying around and put on a bit ago. Has a manual 4-speed M21 transmission perfect ratio for this car. I put a new harmonic balancer on the engine as the car had been sitting for quite a while after I first bought it and the balancer was a little wobbly when I got it running so replaced it. The distributor is an HEI never did like point distributors. The car was an original A/C car (although there is no A/C compressor in the car currently). A/C Condenser is present and the radiator is a four-core radiator. Also has power steering but only manual brakes. Rear-end appears to be in great shape no issues. It has an electronic Mallory racing fuel pump that I must admit is a little loud mounted in rear next to the gas tank.
Have also put an after-market steering wheel on the car (although I still have the original steering wheel). Have also replaced both front brake calipers (lifetime warranty), all power steering hoses, new shocks all the way around, new gas tank, starter replaced (lifetime warranty), alternator replaced too but can't find the receipt!
Car has both the hard and soft tops the soft top is there but pretty toast and because of this I've never actually pulled it up and operated the framework. So framework needs some TLC and obviously a new top installed. I have lots of pictures of the hard top. Needs recovered on top but the inside/underneath is in great shape. Weatherstripping on it is decent too. There is, however, a small issue with the hard top - the door smacked it during a realignment. I have a picture of this. When I purchased the car the previous owner (who I was told was the second owner and had owned it the majority of its life) hit a deer with it and cracked the front fiberglass (I have old pics of it before if you want to see those). I had a professional corvette fiberglass person fix this. The entire top half of the front doghouse was replaced with a new fiberglass piece and professional molded along the original seam. The hood was also repaired. The bumpers (thankfully) were off the car at the time to be rechromed and I've never put them on the car so I have those wrapped up in newspaper, pristine and ready. The car also had a piece of fiberglass missing on the passenger rear fender and I had that also replaced with a new panel. In the process, since the car had side pipes, and someone had did an awful home job trying to fiberglass the old exhaust holes, I had him recover, professionally, the original exhaust cutouts that normally exist on the back as I had never intended to get rid of the side pipes. This was all very professionally done and cost me a pretty penny. You might wonder why the odd color primer I was going to paint it a bright orange and this was the recommended primer color to go with it I know looks a little funny now.
Rims are Corvette 15 NOT the original 14 rallys. Tires are not new but they are not very worn LOTS of tread left on them. Rears are slightly larger than the fronts. BF Goodrich, TA Radials. The right front tire, if you park a certain way, will go flat no imperfections or nails in the tire so I suspect it's a bead issue on the rim itself. Probably needs dismounted, cleaned up, and remounted to fix that. I have the original chrome luggage rack that goes on the back as well.
Negatives: I have no idea what the true mileage is because the odometer has never worked (the speedometer, temp and oil gauge do work). The tachometer was working but quit, and the tach needle is partially broken. The car is in need of restoration. I do not believe any of the suspension parts have ever been replaced, the weatherstripping is cracking, and the car shimmies a bit when you hit bigger bumps in the road. The headlights do not rise automatically, you have to manually raise and lower them if you drive at night. Also, the car was wired so that you could turn all the lights out at night manually (including the brake lights). I restored all this to work correctly EXCEPT the night dash lights still have to be turned on and off manually by a switch. The side-pipes work fine but should be replaced for aesthetic reasons. There are very slight exhaust leaks on each side where the collector meets with the main body of the side pipe because I've never put that final bolt in to seal them up. Windshield wiper motor does not work, nor does the vacuum that operates the door that is supposed to move to allow the wipers to work. But the equipment is all there. The hood does not latch. I just have it sit down. The plates that are normally on the hood are nonexistent. I thought I bought these and they may be in storage but as of now, act as if they don't exist. There appears to still be a small power steering leak but I have no idea where. I've replaced all four hoses and cannot seem to pinpoint where the leak is. Does not seem to be coming from the control value. Interior is mostly complete but needs a restoration. Seats have small tears in the seams, carpet is not great, dash is good but console is rough; ya know, original interior! Driver's side window has some slight scratches in it from something rubbing while rolling up and down, and passenger's side window is difficult to roll up and down. ENGINE and INTERIOR ARE DIRTY IN PICTURES. Both clean up and look a lot nicer just didn't have time to clean before taking pictures. December 29, 2015.
For Sale: No

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