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What was the first model year a anniversary Corvette was sold?
Rich Brown
Owned a 1968 Convertible, LaMans blue, interior blue with headrests (rare). 327/350 4 spd close ratio, vin 194678S414900. Usual story- bought when returned from Viet Nam, got married and had 2 kids- not used and sold about 1982. Been back into Vettes (6), wondering where my first one went- sold in Watkins Glen, NY. Anyone know?
Dirk Ault
I am the current and last owner of 194671S104350 which is registered here on this site.
It is a LT-1 convertible car that has been modified and restored to drive daily, which it is.
Mike Post
I have photos . I have florida tag number . i know year. i know original color. iknow i had it insured by one of the major companies that was in business during those years i know the approx yr i bought it and the yr i sold it. my home address at the time . i know the oem engine..... even more history. I have checked with dmv florida. What I don't have is the VIN. I would like to find my '69 corvette convertable. I have run out of ideas. got any ?
Last two sources are auto insurance records and traffic tickets but cant get any cooperation there. These are 2 areas where i can research MY NAME rather than VIN
Nino Dicandia
194379S716904. I own the Monza Red 1969 390 HP corvette. Registered here. It is fully restored .
Louis Kotsko
Registered My Car 10 Years Ago But I Don,t See It On The Registry 1981 Corvette Vin1G1aY8762BS423300 Forgot My Password And User Name Is There Anyway I Can Get A New Password Pretty Sure My User Name Is LOU5350. Thanks!
Kevin Lennon
So I was able to track down some info on where my car was delivered and supposedly it was delivered to a Chevrolet zone office in Bethpage New York which is no longer there. Somebody told me it could have been used as a promo car or an executive loaner for when executives were visiting from out of state. Does anybody have any information as to what exactly a car ordered for Zone office would or could be used for. Ive been searching for a while for some history on his car but keep coming up with dead ends.
Robert Ferenz
anyone know which dealer was code 337 is and where zone 5 was or still is
Eric Trenga
I am trying to locate, with the intent to buy, a 1970 Corvette Coupe, VIN #194370S 413239 that I once owned. I bought it new in 1970 and sold the vehicle in 1971 to a pilot then stationed at McGuire Air Force base in NJ. Car was a Donnybrooke Green Coupe, Saddle interior, 350/350HP L46 engine, 4-spd, A/C, and power steering etc. I have the original Owner Card. This vehicle has nostalgic and sentimental value to me and I would appreciate any help in finding it. Please contact Eric Trenga, 843-771-3192,
Allen w Taylor
I'm looking for my father's 1972 Corvette Stingray the factory color was Targa blue and it had a 350/200 horsepower it was fully loaded he owned the Corvette from 1972 to 1976 it was sold to a dealer in Long Beach California he purchased the 1972 Corvette from a dealership called Felix Chevrolet in downtown Los Angeles... I do not have the VIN number my father's name is Pless Taylor any help would be appreciated
Looking to find missing info. on my 72 convertible 1Z67KS509045 that was delivered to Atlanta's Benson Chevrolet in Roswell GA. I remember seeing this car on the showroom floor (when I was 15) where I believe was Ed Voyles Oldsmobile in Marietta GA.(Atlanta). My dad cosigned on this car in 1973 and he was told that 09045 belonged to a dealers wife and he bought her a new car every year and that is why it was in the showroom. I have owned her since 1986 and I am looking to find early year info. on 09045 prior owner/owners. Thanks R.D.
Gary Newkirk
My 69 Corvette was stolen years ago, but I never stopped looking. Here is the VIN number 194379S707863 if anyone has access to run a vin number, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for any help
I am a C3 1968 Corvette owner/fan. I have owned two L68/427's and one '68 L36/427. One Z51 '86 Corvette in between. Searching for my previous C3 California Corvettes
Original CA SMOG legal. Original CA BLACK plates:
XGH409 Polar White L68 427 T-top
VVK899 Rally Red L36 427 Roadster
XAY916 International Blue L68 427 Roadster
George Steele
Wondering if there are any websites where I can search my car
looking for a 1970 corvette Vin# 194370S407652 . I owned the car from 1974-1978
Carl M
VIN 194678S414362 - If you are interested in purchasing a gorgeous 1968 Corvette Bronze 327/350 4-speed Convertible please consider my car. Thank you
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