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VIN 1Z37K2S514735

Car Year: 1972
Car's approximate birthday: February 26, 1972
Owner: No Present Owner
State: Project Car
Exterior: 946 Elkhart Green (15.55%)
Interior: 417 Saddle (Vinyl)
Softtop: Other Color
Wheels: Other Color
Delivery Dealer Zone: Unknown
Delivery Dealer Code: Unknown
Options: RPO Option Percentage
Sold [%]
Sales Price
  19437 Base Corvette Sport Coupe (200hp) 75.90% 5,533.00
  A85 Custom Shoulder Belts (std with coupe)   42.15
  J50 Power Brakes 69.51% 47.40
  U69 AM-FM Radio 72.14% 178.00
  Total   5.9195%
(1,599 Cars)
Factory job nr.: G24
Export Car: Non Export Car
Car history:
Exterior: The Red exterior is in great driver condition. As one can see in the photos, the finish has dazzling gloss, deep shine, and smooth finish. Both doors open and shut nicely. The wheels and center caps are in excellent condition with a great finish and no curb rash. The tires have about 90 tread left. The chrome and other bright work shows well overall for a driver. There are a few blemishes around car that were too tiny to show up in pictures, but nothing else that is really noticeable from about five or ten feet away. There is a blemish in the paint near the right headlight with a specific photo below and and a blemish in the center of the hood that was too faint to show up in the photos. This Corvette has absolutely NO RUST ISSUES. The frame is totally solid around the key hole area in front of the rear tire and we have seen no evidence of corrosion around the windshield or birdcage. These are the most notorious spots for rust on a C3 Corvette. We have included many photos of the underside to show how great it looks.
Window Date Codes: Please note that ALL of the glass on this Corvette, the windshield, the Astro Ventilation door glass, and even the pop out rear window is date coded and original as each piece predates the car's body build date of February 24, 1972 (G24). Original glass is a good indication that this car has had no major accident history and never sustained significant damage.
Interior: The Black interior of the Corvette is in terrific condition. The seats look just as good in person just as they do in the photos with no excessive wear, holes or split seams. The seats are not worn in the typical area where the drier gets in and out. The carpet is in good condition condition as well with no stains or rips. This includes the rear carpet, which is often neglected. The gauge faces are clean and crisp and the lenses are clear. The radio works and most importantly it is a Corvette Specific unit made fro this car so the dash has never been cut or modified for an aftermarket installation. The dash and console are in great shape with no cracks, fading, or sun damage.
Mechanical: This Corvette seems to be in good mechanical condition. It starts right away every time and runs well. The car is a great driver that feels nice the road and at highway speeds. In the video below one can observe the car accelerating on the highway up to about 70mph, shifting through all the gears, braking to stoplight, and going through some curves. Please note that there are no strange noises or vibrations and the car performs quite well overall. There is no blue smoke when starting or driving. The car runs cool and does not overheat. The transmission shifts well, does not pop out of gear, and the shifter is tight. The clutch feels good. The brakes are responsive. This Corvette has plenty of power and is quite fast. Also, the engine compartment is clean and detailed as one can see in the photos. The blower motor for the heater works on all speeds. All of the gauges work with the obvious exception of the clock. As with many older carbureted cars it is a bit cold blooded. The vacuum system for the headlights works, but the wipers and wiper door does not work. The right window goes up almost al the way with the crank, but needs a hand for the final inch, which is caused by a problem with some of the teeth on the window regulator gear. A new gear is included with the car. The horn does not work. Not enough can be said as to how much of a pleasure it is to drive this car, especially with 4-Speed and the T-tops out on a beautiful day.
Overall Condition: Overall, this 1972 Corvette is in wonderful driver condition. Numbers matching is extremely important in Corvette pricing and as one can see, this car is quite correct. There are photos below of the VIN stamp on the engine block, suffix code, engine assembly date, transmission date, and transmission VIN stamp. In my opinion and based on our experience the Chrome Bumper cars from 1968-1972 are the most collectible and hottest in the entire Corvette market right now. The value of these cars has gone up exponentially in recent years. They are all solid investments for a collector. One could easily enjoy this vehicle for several years and sell it for more than the purchase price with minimal effort.
Body Build Date: G24
Engine Code: V0728
Suffix Code: CDH
Engine VIN Stamping: 514735
Engine Block Casting Number: 3970010
Engine Block Casting Date: A 15 2
Distributor: 1112050
Distributor Date Code: 1M8
Transmission Main Case Casting Number: 3925661
Transmission Tail Housing Casting Number: 3978764
Transmission Side Cover Casting Number: 3952648
Transmission Date Code: P2B03A
Transmission VIN Stamping: 514735
Bell Housing: 3899421
Rear Differential: LR W 038 E 2
Windshield: CN
Driver's Window: NY
Passenger Window: NY
Rear Window: JN. Sold for $20,900 on December 18, 2016.
For Sale: No

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