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VIN 194371S121131

Car Year: 1971
Car's approximate birthday: July 8, 1971
Owner: eBay Motors hazegrayshark
City: Upper Marlboro
State: Maryland
Country: United States
Purchase date: Undefined
Status: Current Owner
Nickname: 194371S121131
State: Project Car
Exterior: 905 Nevada Silver (5.40%)
Interior: Std Black (Vinyl)
Softtop: Other Color
Wheels: Silver (100.00%)
Delivery Dealer Zone: Unknown
Delivery Dealer Code: Unknown
Options: RPO Option Percentage
Sold [%]
Sales Price
  19437 Base Corvette Sport Coupe (270hp) 67.34% 5,496.00
  C60 Air Conditioning 52.66% 459.00
  M40 Turbo Hydra-Matic Automatic Transmission 46.14% 0.00
  N40 Power Steering 82.12% 115.90
  Total   0.7254%
(159 Cars)
Factory job nr.: Unknown
Export Car: Non Export Car
Other details: Added to Registry 09/10/11
Mileage: 117,000 miles
Date Code: L07
Car history:
Up for sale is my 1971 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray. While the numbers are NOT
matching at this time, included in the sale is the good original 350 engine block
(minus internals, heads, intakes, etc.) that has been preserved for future use.

The story behind the car:

I bought this car some years ago as a project in an effort to fix it up and enjoy
it. At the time, it had the original engine in it, which was the 270 horse 350 cubic
inch motor. Wanting something a little more under the hood, I elected to purchase
a motor from a reputable builder and eventually installed it myself. Unfortunately,
about half way through the project, I ended up receiving military orders overseas
for three years. I got the engine installed and running long enough to drive the car
2 miles and park it in a storage shed where it sat in a perfectly dry (though HOT)
storage unit for those three years. Several life-changing events (read: marriage,
kids, another military deployment) have and will occur shortly, and long story short,
I no longer have the time or ability to restore this classic car.

I worked as a mechanic for several years before getting into the military and feel
I can discuss somewhat knowledgably any issues or questions you might have
about the vehicle. I am going to list out all the pros and cons as far as I can tell as
it. I was approaching this car to purchase it myself. I will include my number on
here for those serious buyers in an effort to be up front with what you are purchasing.
Sadly, I have over $12k invested in this car, and I know quite assuredly I will
never see a return on that investment. The car was a joy while I had it. Time to let her go.


Inside is a '383' Chevy motor with a 2 piece seal 1970 block, 010/020 casting
content, cleaned, bored .40 over, new cam bearings, 0 decked, scat crank, main
cap stud kit, Chevy rods with ARP bolts, speed pro forged pistons and 10:1
compression. It has a Comp Cams Thumpr cam, pushrods, valve springs, guide
plates, Proform roller rockers, Cloys Timing chain, ARP cam bolts, and chrome
timing cover. It has Patriot Aluminum heads 2.02/1.60, cylinder head stud kit, a
Pro Comp aluminum intake, Rebuilt Quadrajet carb with original mechanical choke
spring, Edelbrock valve covers and a chrome air filter. Seven quart oil pan with
high volume oil pump, ARP drive shaft and stud, windage tray, one piece oil pan
gasket, new distributor and wires (mechanical distributor converted to electronic
ignition with the Igniter II electronic control system), plugs, balanced flexplate and
a stainless engine bolt kit, new starter. The engine has approximately five miles
on it. The car starts and will drive out at this time, and I will include a video of it
running. It idles at 800 RPM and shifts great going down the road. New Corvette 4
core radiator installed at time of engine replacement. Valves will have to be
adjusted and timing will have to be set with a timing light. I just changed the
rubber coupler in the steering column a few weeks ago. One bolt hole of the
starter was professionally heliocoiled during rebuild, but is holding firm and tight.

The original block was WD-40d and wrapped in saran wrap.It has not picked up
any surface rust and looks to be a good block. No obvious cracks or problems
showing. It was running at the time of removal. Unfortunately, the crate that
contained the internals, heads, and most accessories was lost in the move. (Yes, I
know purists hate me right now). I still have the original oil pan though. I have
verified that this is the numbers matching block.

The Body:

The shell was repainted once- maybe 15 years ago. It is an original silver car.
Most of the paint is flaking, chipping or cracking. There is one small repair (done
surprising well) behind the T-tops on the roof. The hood has a starburst crack in
the center of the hood and there is the typical crack on the right fender well above
the right front tire.The chrome on the car is in very good shape. It still polishes up
quite nicely with no rust pits.

The windshield pillars actually appear to be in good shape. Yanking on them
doesnt cause them to give at all. No visible rust in the tell tale places. There is
only minor surface rust in the door jams, and both doors close correctly. Both
window regulators work well. Glass is complete everywhere with the original
Corvette Astro Ventilation windows. The windshield has no cracks.

Headlights will come up with HELP! They go back down nicely. Wiper motor is
shot and the louver will not raise. Tires are somewhat dry rotted but are holding
air for the time being. You can certainly drive this car, but probably best to keep it
off the highway until its been thoroughly 'gone through'. Chrome beauty rings and
center caps still shine nicely.

The undercarriage is the sad part of the story. The first two thirds of the car shows
normal surface rust and is pretty solid. Once the frame makes the turn (the arch
in the rear wheelwell) there are signs of significant rust and even rot. The car still
drives and it certainly holds itself up fine but my gut tells me the body needs to be
pulled and the cancercut out. At one time, it looks as if somebody filled the hollows
in the frame with foam to keep out the water. Obviously not a good idea. I think it
further exasperated the problem. The drivers side is worse than the passengers-
with the passengers being not as bad (In my opinion).

The Interior:

The pieces of the dash are all there- however most of the trim has been cut on
and chopped. An aftermarket Pioneer stereo has been installed and does work-
but the installation was junior varsity. None of the original screws are there and
most of the brackets have been cracked or broken. All of the vinyl is in excellent
shape including the dash (top part and around speedo/tach/map case) in is good
order and pretty nice with no cracks or fading. The tachometer works, as well as
the fuel, oil, amp, and water gauges. The clock does not! This was an Air Conditioned
car and three years ago it blew cold. As we were mounting the A/C back up (after
the engine install, my friend slipped and broke the A/C line right before our eyes.
I watched as my precious R-12 bled away. My biggest stipulation for buying this
car was a working A/C!!! At the time I lived down south. I assure whoever gets
this car, the compressor worked perfectly up to that time. It is the big compressor
which apparently makes a difference in the Corvette world.

The carpet is worn out. Included with the sale is a brand new deluxe carpet set
for the front and back. Door panels are in good shape and the locks work with the
keys. Interior gage lights work- though courtesy lights keep blowing a fuse.

Battery box, jack box, and third box behind driver look good. Fiberglass so no
rust or anything like that. Back window is good. Rubber around all the windows is
old and torn in several places though serviceable for a little longer. It would
keep the rain out for the time being. The t-tops are complete and original but have
definitely seen better days on the exterior. Interior.. not bad at all. Seats are
complete but there are small tears and fade throughout. Seatbelts are in place.
Retractors sometimes work but often do not. Seat foam is breaking down. Seats
do slide forward and aft with ease though- good frames.


I installed a new shifter cable and the transmission shifts smooth. It has a B+M
3500 stall torque converter on it mounted to the Turbo Hydra-Matic 400.
Transmission shifts and works great. I replaced the rear leaf spring with a new
steel spring as well as added the aftermarket air lifter shocks. The car has a great
stance. The brakes do work, but are soft and need to be bled. The emergency
brake works as well.


There are headers and a complete exhaust system on the car including some
nicer sounding (if not older) turbo type mufflers in the back. Unfortunately, the
headers will not quite line up correctly with the Patriot heads and I think they were
designed for the older cylinder heads vs the newer ones. Either way, no matter
how much you tighten there seems to be a small exhaust leak around the
headers. New header pipes for older cylinder heads are most likely needed.


The alternator was replaced at the time of the engine install and charges the
battery well. There is a newer (November-ish 2010) battery installed. Otherwise,
all exterior lights, blinkers, hazards work. There is an electric fuel pump mounted
now as well as an electronic ignition system. All outside lenses are complete.


The Stingray emblems are all included and complete. Both front and rear
emblems are 'newer'. The tire carrier has a mini spare in it.

So having said all of that, this Corvette is for the not-so-feint hearted. She needs
a good restore. It might be best as a parts car but should definitely go to someone
who knows and understands how to work on them. She is an original 1971 Nevada
Silver, A/C, Automatic car which as I understand is somewhat rare. Clean title. I
dont believe the car has ever been wrecked. At least the usual signs of fiberglass
repair is not evident when feeling up under the bumpers and around the edges. To
the best of my ability I will provide receipts and documentation of my work to the
car, including engine purchase.

Chevrolet L07
Trim 400, 905 Paint

Buyer is responsible for shipping. Car is as-is with no warranty intended or implied.
Real sellers include their number: Chris 757-589-5637 Before 9PM EST please.
For Sale: No

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